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** NEW TO THIS: I Can't Figure Out How to Turn MK's into Decorations! **

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** NEW TO THIS: I Can't Figure Out How to Turn MK's into Decorations! **

Negapao's Avatar

01.17.2021 , 01:23 AM | #1
to start.. i JUST started playing SWTOR.. so very noob in regards to this topic...

ok.. i was given a universal MK-1 at some point... so i went to the Universal Prefabrication Droid in my stronghold and saw an Ancient Library Archive i could purchase from it.. i did a Control-Left Mouse click to look and saw a bunch of different decorations could click on and inspect (but i think they all said said in red 0/0) ... so i clicked on the Ancient Library Archive to buy... it asked if i was sure (yes).. the MK1 went away... and then..
i have no idea what happened!!.. nothing in inventory... no new decoration.. WHAT EXACTLY HAPPENED?.. did i just throw the MK1 away?.. and how do i get an actual decoration from MK1's, MK2's, MK3's, etc.?
this is kind of confusing.. i went to look for Tutorials on line as articles and videos in YouTube and they either had little info or were just as confusing...
UPDATE.. i found an Ancient Library Archive token in the BUY BACK!.. i don't remember selling it... but anyway.. i got it.. and it has a Decoration in it... but i am still confused about why i got that Decoration.. it showed me a few to choose from but i did not choose one that i recall...
UPDATE.. i'm sort of getting it.. except i don't yet understand WHICH one of the Decorations is bought of all the ones that come up in the CONTROL-Left Click inspect of the 'selection' of ones to buy?.. i bought one and it seemed to pick the one it wanted to.. not the one i clicked on last...
if there is a good NOOB tutorial to point me to. that would be great!

Mubrak's Avatar

01.17.2021 , 03:28 AM | #2
The decoration-window has a bug where it shows a random decoration the first time after log in, when you open it to preview a decoration item instead of clicking a hook. The next Ctrl+Right click will show the correct item.

As for accidentally selling the item, this happens to all of us occasionally: when the vendor window is open, right click sells the item, so when you buy something and just right click it to use it, without closing the vendor window first, the item is suddenly gone. Good thing we have the buy-back tab.
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01.17.2021 , 04:29 AM | #3
I do that sometimes. I click to buy something but with the vendor window still open, I click on the decoration to add it to my collection and so I accidentally sell it back to the vendor for credits. So yeah, then you can go to buy back and reclaim it.

Lesson learned: Never click items with the vendor window still open, unless you mean to sell it of course.
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01.19.2021 , 09:08 PM | #4
Seems you found your answer, the above post basically is what happened.

One of your other questions on how do you know if you have brought a decoration, once used if you then looked at the same item from the vender just place your cursor over it, it should say how many of that particular item you have, plus how many your guild owns of that item, if you are in a guild. same applies as if buying from GTN.

Negapao's Avatar

01.20.2021 , 04:47 AM | #5
thanks everybody!... because of your replies i now have it figured out!... THANKS!