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Colossal Threat: Still soloable?

Darth_Advent's Avatar

08.14.2018 , 12:21 AM | #1
I notice the last thread on the daily Colossal Threat is about a year old and am curious if there have been any changes to the droid that make it harder to tackle alone. The armor-piercing missile launcher that people used apparently used to have 2 charges but it was apparently increased to 3 at the price of a damage nerf. I've tried to do it alone about a dozen times already with turrets, the launcher, and the heroic moment with a level 50 companion set to tank. I still can't chip down his health points fast enough to make up for the remainder even after hitting him with all 3 missiles.

I imagine that there are few people doing it these days since it was a pain when it was new and now it's quite dated content, but I want that achievement and to scratch my completionist's itch. Am I just bad or has it changed? Only thing I can think of is that my item level is currently 234, but would that be enough to make a difference in this situation?
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Eloi_BG's Avatar

08.15.2018 , 09:28 AM | #2
Soloed it a month ago I'd say, maybe a bit more. Still works. Did it with range DPS and LOSing, not 100% sure if it's doable on melee (it probably is). Did it on merc DPS with high influence (40 something) comp set on healing. Shoot the rockets while DPSing, interrupt all his attacks by LOSing with a pillar (move back and forth). When he does the circles run around and be close to the pillar once it stops so you can LOS following casts. Keep CDs for when you **** up. Kind of annoying to do but doesn't take that long as rockets do most his HP anyway.
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