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Female Romance Options

deadflower's Avatar

03.28.2014 , 03:16 AM | #421
yeah i was surprised that zenith is not romacable kinda sucks not to many options and theron is all gay on his computer girl, and talos is not a man lol sad they give such a wimp as a romance they need to make him more attractive and buff for a "nurse" type healz would be way cool.

AKHadeed's Avatar

04.02.2014 , 08:39 PM | #422
I WISH they'd given Talos a romance...

I'm sorry. He's so cute. I could have a nerd sith and they could have nerd sith babies and nerd out about everything they dug up.

My husbot's playing his (male) sith inquistor with my bounty hunter tank, and I keep trying to steal Talos for my ship. Not that Torian isn't awesome (he is). But I just want to hug Talos and skip through a field of science and artifacts. It should be an option in a perfect world.

It'd be NICE to have a gal with two choices in the main romance interest department, but the holonet blurbs inform me that's not a thing.

DomiSotto's Avatar

04.03.2014 , 08:07 AM | #423
Talos sort of sounds like Disciple... and Disciple had so much untapped content and potential. For a female romance story, your most beloved student is one way to manage it with your super awesome PC, unless it is an out of party romance with a super awesome man. I mean, look at Riggs. Poor guy has to fortify himself repeatedly. Zenith, annoyingly, is the only one I have encountered so far with the strength of character to manage equal footing that works with the character profile.

AKHadeed's Avatar

04.03.2014 , 09:46 AM | #424
Instead you get Andronikos as an SI.

And don't get me wrong, from what I've seen of Pirateman, he's pretty cool, too. But he's a little more... Idunno. Expected, I guess. He seems to be a big growly guy who can shoot the world. Granted, my experience in TOR romances so far is Torian (which was saweeet and made my insides feel like they were coated in melting marshmallow fluff), watching Ashara and my husbot's SI dance around each other and talk about the lightside and also do you want to go for drinks pls, and ...

Okay, hitting on everything female up to Tattooine on my male chiss agent.

Out of the lot, Torian wins, but he has a mega-advantage in that I actually did that myself and I've done the whole thing.

I had a point here, but I forgot what it was. Maybe just that I really wish Talos was a romantic interest in my heart of hearts, since THE BOYS GET ALL THE ADORKABLE NERD ROMANCES and I'm jealous.

DomiSotto's Avatar

04.03.2014 , 12:56 PM | #425
Well, thing about Andronikos, he seems to be one of two more assertive males in the cast. So losing him would have been sad. Gaining Talos though would have been cool. Not as cool as Zenith, because where I am concerned he is the SWTOR's gift to womanhood, but still cool. I am still sore that Disciple had little content. Not as sore as that Bao Dur did not have more content, but still sore. Argh, I gotta go do something much less exciting than managing digital love-life dreams.

Damask_Rose's Avatar

04.04.2014 , 08:14 PM | #426
Just as long as you finish "My Dearest Sister" first.
My name is Milind. I checked it again and can confirm you there is no bug with any companion in the game.

DomiSotto's Avatar

04.05.2014 , 08:34 PM | #427
If only it could fly with my management! Sorry, the fate of Balmorra hangs in balance, taking a personal day... I do have Atton Rand as my screen background instead of the corporate idyllic canola fields.

DarthDymond's Avatar

04.06.2014 , 01:55 AM | #428
Quote: Originally Posted by AKHadeed View Post
I had a point here, but I forgot what it was. Maybe just that I really wish Talos was a romantic interest in my heart of hearts, since THE BOYS GET ALL THE ADORKABLE NERD ROMANCES and I'm jealous.
Honestly, before the specifics of how same-gender "romances" were going to be implemented in RotHC became clear, I just figured Talos was going to end up being an SGR for the Inquisitor once the expansion launched.

...actually, come to think of it I remember being really surprised when I found out Talos wasn't a romance option for Fem!Inq. When I played through on my male Inq, as my first character, I just assumed both he and Andronikos would have been options had I made a female character. They were both so different it would have given some nice options (kind of like the choice between Vette and DS!Jaesa we got with the male SW).
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DomiSotto's Avatar

04.07.2014 , 01:10 PM | #429
I am almost sure that when they were laying out the companion sets, it was the usual scheme of LS/DS RI interest for male and female, and a quirky character. Then came the 'let's see what we can cut' and female player romances end up shuffled. Those 1-night stands are probably the cropped versions. I would be really curious to find out if Zenith/Tharan were indeed initially designed as a conflicting RI for a Female Consular, and characters like Kalyo and Akavi were potentially bisexual DS RI?