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Jedi Knight or Sith Warrior Story?

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Jedi Knight or Sith Warrior Story?

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03.05.2017 , 08:06 AM | #51
Quote: Originally Posted by SithKoriandr View Post
I never felt the SW story let you stay true or grow to ideals, as no matter how it goes, you're the Wrath. What makes anyone think my LS Warrior would want to be his Wrath or that the Emperor would even want a LSed Warrior?

What makes the SW more exciting is, the Knight story is the heroes journey. Which in the grand scheme of things, all the stories really are, except the Knight is THE BIG HERO, but not really that much bigger.

Warrior story is a revenge story, while also being it's own hero story.

Knight would have been much better off, giving us a chapter of being enthralled to the Emperor.
I mean, in this universe I get the feeling that no one really has a choice in whether or not they become the Wrath. If I recall correctly, though, you can be defiant to the Emperor while seemingly doing his chores, that's what I meant by staying true/growing your ideals. It's not what the Wrath does, but how he chooses to do it that helps him grow in certain directions.

Look at Vette. She's still going to be your companion, but taking off or keeping her collar around her neck develops your character. It makes him a great warrior and a model Sith that's very ruthless sometimes (as I play him), but someone who's also very kind and loyal to those that have been placed under his wing. He was very, very pissed that Quinn betrayed him, but he held off on killing him because he was honor bound to set him on the right path. That didn't stop him from smashing him around the room as punishment, but that was only for Quinn's good. That builds his character intimately. Hell, even choking the hand lets the Emperor know that you need your arm twisted in order for you to do what he says, so they threaten you and try to break you that way. When you choose to choke them, it makes you into this warrior who wants to be his own man- and this strengthens the theme of the whole story too- but simply can't because of people too powerful for him to deal with. It makes it even more rewarding when you have Valkorion at your mercy in KOTET, when you are at your strongest and able to finally break your chains (the Force shall free me).

And you can reach that point of breaking free by being entirely defiant to Vitiate/Baras the entire time, by being loyal to both your masters, or by finding a middle ground between being a true Sith and being someone who makes things happen despite the specifics his master's ask for. And there are so many more head canons that the SW story allows for than what I described, I didn't really get that with the JK. At what point I got it during Act 1, but the written never logically backed up my RP, so I gave up.
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03.11.2017 , 02:05 PM | #52
I like both stories about the same. The Knight for being the standard Jedi hero story, and the warrior because I just like playing evil characters and corrupting Jaesa. Same with the female inquisitor, her voice is just pure evil and maniacal its perfect.
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