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Which romance is best written?

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Which romance is best written?

revkashepard's Avatar

07.17.2017 , 01:55 PM | #281
There's one scene on Taris where the base was about to blow up and everyone is about to die. My Wrath turned to Quinn to ask any last words and he said "You know how I feel about you, my lord" and the camera panned to my Wrath with a small smile.

I also like the betrayal scene especially if you completed his romance arc. Quinn called out to Wrath to ask about their relationship and I remember picking a neutral "I don't know" response and they look so devastated. Same thing again on Iokath where Quinn's face broke to sadness before he left.

I really thought the romance was well written. I like drama rather than just disney teen romance.

So far, I like the sexual tension with Arcann in both KOTFE and KOTET, which done more than just lip service romances.

JakRoanin's Avatar

07.17.2017 , 03:12 PM | #282
Vector and LS Agent is definitely my favorite, but then I think it has a lot to do subjectively none of us play the same style. I think I like all the Romances except Quinn (no love without trust) and a loose Fem Smuggler. Oh and Risha, cannot stand Risha!

LeelaSeventen's Avatar

07.17.2017 , 04:16 PM | #283
Hmm My favorite only because in my mind they felt natural.

Aric and Trooper
Vector and Agent.
Though I did like the Counselor and Felix, that felt nice to.

The rest are single untill they meet a certain imperial agent or sis agent.