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Favorite Romance Relationship in SWTOR?

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Favorite Romance Relationship in SWTOR?

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06.05.2017 , 09:53 AM | #361
Quote: Originally Posted by Swingkittie View Post
I have a few favorites:
Malavi Quinn and female Sith Warrior. Again, I know a lot of people hate Quinn. Bioware just made this NPC too handsome and the voice actor just adds to the charm and looks of Quinn. I really liked the romance with Quinn. It is actually my favorite even with the betrayal aspect. He was a heart breaker that's for sure.

Theron Shan: I love the interactions with Theron. I just wish we could have more conversations with the new romance-able companions so we can really build that relationship. My Jedi shadow did not romance Ilresso so Theron is her guy. It would be nice to have that triangle over his head with chat options like our original companions. I would have to say the same for Lana as well.
Even though he doesn't have separate conversations that the player initiates, I think Theron has the most romance content out of anybody, particularly tied in with the story. This is even more so now after what we've seen with the first part of Iokath (especially if you go Empire side).

It might sound cliche, but Theron has taken it for me as being my favorite romance. I saw in another thread that he was called the "Cullen of SWTOR," and yeah...I totally see it, haha. In particular, his romance with a Sith Inquisitor is just amazing. It's not so so different from the Sith Warrior, but there are some subtle differences and It's the one that called to me the most. I've even popped my "fan-fic cherry" with writing about it, haha.

Another romance that I fell in love with, and it took me totally by surprise was Vector and the female Imperial Agent. I was totally looking forward to running my agent through FE and ET for Theron...and then I saw Vector's letter. And I was like...dayum.

I also do like Quinn's romance...but the way I rolled my Warrior was going through the betrayal and using Pierce out of anger...and then finding peace with Theron. The whole Iokath thing was "wow" with how they wrote in Theron's little jealous comment if you choose that first flirt with Quinn. Totally made me LOL.

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06.05.2017 , 03:14 PM | #362
Quinn and SW, Corso and Smug, JK and Kira... Those are pretty great...
*Note I haven't played them all yet.
Theronite <3 Quinn <3
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RarePorcupine's Avatar

06.05.2017 , 04:46 PM | #363
Elara, Andronikos and Kira for me.

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06.06.2017 , 06:10 AM | #364
Elara and trooper, Aric and Trooper (I like both of their romances)
Torian and Bounty Hunter (Torian is so sweet, and good looking too )
Andronikos and Sith Inquisitor
Kira and Jedi Knight
I also like Lana and Theron's romances
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06.06.2017 , 01:16 PM | #365
done all beside female agant comp and elana dorn

liked corso best so far,he is just so damn cute!

vecter was...interresting
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06.06.2017 , 05:14 PM | #366
Quote: Originally Posted by niettevermijden View Post
done all beside female agant comp and elana dorn

liked corso best so far,he is just so damn cute!

vecter was...interresting
One thing I loved about Corso's romance is that he's the only one to get down on one knee and propose <3 Also Elara is pretty darn adorkable but I hate how they reintroduced her on Iokath-so randomly hostile and barely any screen time.

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06.06.2017 , 06:16 PM | #367
Quote: Originally Posted by niettevermijden View Post
done all beside female agant comp and elana dorn

liked corso best so far,he is just so damn cute!

vecter was...interresting
He is really adorable if you want the space cowboy romance, which I do.
Should I create a Corso thread? What do you think? We have a Vector and Quinn thread , so why not a Corso one?
Theronite <3 Quinn <3
Adhara Kyleth Teraalin Nyx Scatha

bluehufsa's Avatar

06.20.2017 , 04:40 AM | #368
female BH and Torian
male LS warrior and Vette
female consular and Theron ( only because she can't have Zenith..)
female warrior and Lana
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06.20.2017 , 01:26 PM | #369
Andronikos and Therom

Hopefully they bring Nikos back this year.

I'm looking forward to having my Republic hating male BH and Theron get together. I'm going to skip a few of the first flirts, make it more gradual as the truce between Lana and Theron does. I've already done the Imperial agent/Theron romance, so this should be a nice change up.

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06.24.2017 , 07:25 PM | #370
Hey! I came up with a handy-dandy graphic to answer this question: IMAGE
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