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<Acceptable Losses> Recruiting new/active/returning players!

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<Acceptable Losses> Recruiting new/active/returning players!

Natepostula's Avatar

11.02.2020 , 07:29 AM | #1
<Acceptable Losses> is an imp side guild recruiting players of all skill level. We are a group of mature/laid back/no drama players with a large quantity of NiM capable raiders. We are a very helpful guild that thrives on helping members wherever we can; whether it be teaching operations/boss fights, class/rotation assistance, general questions that new or returning players might have, etc.

  • Daily SM/HM/NiM Operations
  • Large Conquest
  • Weekly Dreadful/Hateful Entity runs
  • Casual PvP
  • Opportunity to join a HM/NiM raid team or assistance in creating your own HM/NiM team
  • Weekly conquest Cartel/Credit awards to the top 5 highest conquest point earning guild members (coming soon)
  • 5% critical bonus
  • Guild Ship

Events/Ops Teams
NiM Team 1 (Short Bus Convoy): Tues/Thurs 6-830 PST
NiM Team 2 (Gear Check): Sat/Mon 7-9 PST
NiM Team 3: Sun/Mon 8-10 PST
Learn to play/HM Operations walkthrough for members trying to get into more difficult content: Thurs 7-9 PST
Dreadful/Hateful Entity Runs: Friday 7 PST

Again, we are accepting all players into our guild. All we ask is that you keep things drama free and be an adult. We do not tolerate elitist/toxic players. If you are, you will be removed from guild.

If you are interested in joining, please message myself in game (/who xeph) or in discord: Xeph#1955. If I am not around, then anyone in guild is able to invite. Thank you!
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Xeph Sucks - OperativeXephoric - Sniper
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11.24.2020 , 06:16 PM | #2
This guild recently disbanded, correct me if I am wrong. My friends and I were looking for a guild to run ops and such with and we were in then received message you were not forming groups and if we would like to leave our characters in for guild bonuses that would be fine. If you are looking let me know, but we do not have interest in a dead guild.