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Have an idea for a Warzone? Share it with a Dev!

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Have an idea for a Warzone? Share it with a Dev!
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03.31.2014 , 07:08 PM | #201
Here's a mechanic idea: periods of zero gravity. Just thought i would be a cool element in a space station style map.
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03.31.2014 , 07:08 PM | #202
I'm surprised it took until page 7, but there have been many calls for it since then:


Do both versions: one flag and two flag.

Two Flag: Each team has a base, and in each base is a flag (this could be anything, but we'll call it a flag for now). The objective is to take the enemy's flag back to your base for a score. Three scores to win. Game has a 10 minute timer. At time, whichever team scored most wins. In the event of a score tie, if team A possesses team B's flag, but still has their own flag at home, team A wins. In the event that both flags are out or both flags are at home, the game goes to sudden death, where players can no longer respawn. As soon as one team returns its flag to home base, it wins; or as soon as one team picks up the opposing team's flag, it wins.

To take a flag, you click on it to start a 3-second activation, at which point you have the flag and have a graphical indicator of such. This activation IS interrupted if you are damaged by an attack, as well as being subject to normal interrupts. In this game, I would allow the flag carrier to fight normally, with the exception of a speed debuff similar to huttball. If you die with the flag, the flag drops wherever you died.

To return your flag, it first must be out of your base and on the ground (not being carried; seems obvious). You click on it to start a 8-second activation, at which point the flag teleports back to your home base. This activation IS interrupted if you are damaged by an attack, as well as being subject to normal interrupts. Also, if a flag is left on the ground for 1 minute without any attempt to either pick it up or return it to base, it automatically returns to base.

As for respawns, use the respawn doors, but with half the normal timer. Also, make the respawn chamber have multiple exits, so a team has some tactical decision making even with respawns.

As for map design, ranged will be very good at keeping flags from being picked up and/or returned. Be sure to include blind corners and tight spaces to provide cover for melee, but don't link such spaces together--seperate with open spaces to set up killing fields.

One Flag: Each team has a base, but only one team has a flag in the base. The team with the flag is Defense, and the other team is Offense. Offense's objective is to take the flag from Defense's base and return it to their own base before the round timer expires. Capturing the flag ends the round. Defense's objective is to prevent Offense from doing the above for the duration of the round. Each match is composed of 4 rounds, where each team plays Offense twice and Defense twice. Each round is 3 minutes. At the end of 4 rounds, whichever team has the most scores wins. In the event of a score tie, there are a number of tie-breakers that could be used, but I'm not sure which is the most appropriate. Most objective points? Most medals? Personally, I think the best tie-breaker to be used is LEAST DEATHS. Whichever team has the least total deaths wins the tie.

Picking up the flag and returning the flag is functionally identical to Two Flag with two major exceptions: damage does NOT interrupt the activation (only death or normal interrupts would interrupt an activation); and activation timers come down. Picking up the flag is a 1-second activation (gotta be quick with those interrupts!), and returning the flag is a 3-second activation (quick, but still need to "secure" the flag before returning it).

And I want to be clear: Huttball is NOT Capture the Flag. Huttball is functionally similar to Neutral Bomb Assault, not any CTF variant.

I also think a good idea is to simply transfer some existing game types to new maps. No reason we can't have two "Single Bomb" style games (Voidstar + new), or two slayer + objective games (AH).
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03.31.2014 , 07:11 PM | #203
I saw someone mention a MOBA style map before and the devs weren't sure what to do to tone down turrets as the game went on. So I will provide a basic design of a working one that also borrows elements from Novare Coast, Civil War, Voidstar, and the Titan game mode of Battlefield 2142, on top of basic Moba Stuff, and even a little from Blizzards "Heroes of the Storm Alpha":

Basic layout:

This pathetic looking map was created on a tablet on a half hour bus trip using MS Paint, so sorry bout the bad quality.

To start with:
We are looking at only the left hand side of the map right now. This gets mirrored and thats the right hand side.
On spawning, you will spawn in the big yellow area. You can either take the ground-based exit (green door) or the speeder based exit (grey area on the bottom in the rocky outcrop).

The giant red lines are shields, which disintegrate any hostiles going through them. The first shield is removed through 2 steps:
1. Hold the missile emplacements in the middle of the map (purple circles). These temporarily knock out the external shield, allowing you to get to the shield controls.
2. The blue square near the speeder spawn point is a computer terminal that controls the external shield. Plant explosives and defend them until they explode, removing the external shield permanently.

Doing this also enables the external turrets (Maroon in colour) to take damage.

These turrets have 30 range and can be healed, as well as 200k hp and dealing 7k dps ranged energy damage. You go not want to try run past them. They also count as players with 2018 expertise. Thankfully they have 3 weaknesses.
1. Missile Batteries do 25k damage per missile that hits them. As missiles fire every 15 seconds, simply holding the batteries can cause you to wipe them out.
2. 30m range. Certain DPS classes (slinger, tk sage, ect...) can outrange the turrets and burn them down without taking damage themself.
3. Their damage can be dodged, shielded, and is affected by armor. This means tanks in tank gear can easily take the turrets hits and in turn take them out. Also taunts make them go after the tank because AI with threat table

Anyway, once you get past the turrets you then do similar shenanigans with the next set of turrets. Blow up the 4 internal shield control terminals to access the Command Terminal (final maroon circle), which has 1 million health instead of 200k and also does 15k dps ranged/energy and when it dies you win.

Other things to note:

the light blue circles are health powerups. The light green one in the center is speed. The red circle that obviously isn't a shield is a damage powerup.

The light grey square is supposed to be stairs.

Black = unpassable terrain
Brown = 40m high rocky cliff. Speeder spawn point has an elevator to get down safely.

Orange: Hill. The top side of the hill is the darker orange.

And that pretty much covers it.

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03.31.2014 , 07:28 PM | #204
Quote: Originally Posted by Darslk View Post
Really happy to see this thread.

Two Flag Capture the Flag

I would really like to see two flag capture the flag. Each team would have their own flag (or ball, whatever) sitting right near their spawn zone. The opposite team would have to go and grab that flag, and bring it back to their spawn zone or flag spawn, in order to score. First to three would win. Basically you have to work at defending and attacking at the same time. Things to think about would include score, giving speed buffs or debuffs depending on how hard it actually is to score.
I can't believe it took until the bottom of page 8 for someone to suggest this, thank you sir and you have my vote.

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03.31.2014 , 07:32 PM | #205
Capture the flag!! Like in SW JK Jedi Academy!! OMG I REALLY LOVED THAT!!! (good old memories)
for example:
Red vs Green team fighting against each other meanwhile to the teams they have to capture 5 flags (with that they can automatically win the game) or they need to reach 500 maximum score, with killing peoples, capturing flags or doing stuffs ("doing stuffs" i mean there will be some bonus missions/objectives with every 5 min which they can increase their own score) something like in the hypergate WZ "the energy balls"!
The time limit will be 13-15 min to this WZ (the winner team would be who captured all of the flags or reached the highest score in the match)

The scoreboard would be something like that:
1kill = 1score
1flag captured = 75 score so 4*75 = 300 max score without capturing each flags
1 objective capturing= 25 score with 4 objective is 4*25=100score with every 5 mins that is 2*4*25=200 max score in a 15min gameplay.
So yeah something like a CTF WZ will be really cool and i would be really happy!!

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03.31.2014 , 07:45 PM | #206
Quote: Originally Posted by AlexModny View Post
Ah yes Murderball! I like this game mode but as you alluded to it suffers from the whole team pocket healing one person and turtling.

How would turtling be prevented? How do we keep the crystal moving around? How do we make healers not OP in this game mode? For example, what if you couldn't be healed (like when you are in the Arena sudden death Acid Cloud) while you carried the crystal, good idea? Bad idea?
Crystal carrier could be immortal and just a carrier, enemy team needs to kill other players to lower the life of crystal in a 30/40 radius around the carrier. Once the crystal is destroyed it spawns in a new place
Defender team needs to be in the radius or they get a dot penalty that lowers their life.
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03.31.2014 , 07:48 PM | #207
A space duel between a Sith Lord and a Jedi Master's Battle cruisers. The actual fight is on each cruiser. It is a control point oriented map that has two simultaneous tug of wars.

The end goal is the assassination of the enemy leader while still protecting your own leader. To progress you must take and hold a position for a certain amount of time. Each battle cruiser has three major positions: The docking bay, the main floor, and the command center. Each floor has a major area to hold, you need the position to advance to the next position, and a minor position that strengthens your battle conditions if won before winning the major position.

Each side of the fight has a limited number of reinforcement respawns. 200 Offensive respawns are enabled and 75 defensive. To help defensive positions out, they get access to buffs, turrets, and special items they can use to fortify their position better. To prevent turtling where both sides stay entirely defensive, if there is no offensive pressure against a ship, that ship will be able to spend more effort firing shots at the other side disabling systems and lowering the defensive respawn pool. If one team loses 100% of both of their respawns that team automatically forfeits the match.

Every defensive player gets a choice of three buffs when respawning: A specialty item for the area, command authorization to use turrets and summon defensive droids, or a generic buff of 100% stats and the ability to ignore the enemy's expertise while on your own ship.

The docking bay floor is a fight for a breech point into the enemy ship. The primary goal is the destruction of the security station preventing access to the next floor. The secondary goal is disabling the docking bay shields to allow the offensive team an extra 100 respawns. To aid the defensive team they have access to turret placements at each objective, security droids, and a set of proximity mines that automatically kill any opponent within its blast radius.

The next major floor is houses ship engineering and security. The security station allows access into the next floor, and is guarded with turrets and droids. The engineering section disables the extra defenses in the command center, disabling all droids and turrets, and dropping the enemy captain's health by 50%. The specialty weapon on the mid floor is a sniper rifle with 5 charges that automatically kills whoever it hits.

The last floor has the armory and the boss. If you take the armory before taking the boss you disable the enemy's buffs and you destroy their weapon for the floor. The boss gets a buff that reflects damage back at the attacking enemies. Disabling the armory removes this buff from the boss. The special weapon on this floor is an offensive field that dampens the enemy's effectiveness.

Ideally this would be a 16v16 team, maybe 24v24. The goal would be a longer match, probably 25-35 minutes long, and should give rewards based on the increased amount of effort expended going in (like twice the valor, experience, and commendations).
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03.31.2014 , 07:57 PM | #208
Speedball. It's the same as huttball except it's only played to 3 goals and 10 minutes long.

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03.31.2014 , 08:05 PM | #209
Hey! Thanks for the opportunity for us to express our ideas. Here is a warzone idea I have had in my mind for a year or so now, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did creating it.

Warzone – Platform 42

• A new 15 to 20 minute 8v8 warzone with elements of existing warzones that combine to create a control and resource focus that emphasizes a tactical and objective approach with the possibility for game changing strategy.

I have a lot of content written up, so click on the Spoiler button to see detailed information:


I have attempted to cover all of the questions, but let me know if anyone needs more details on anything if this idea sounds interesting.

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03.31.2014 , 08:17 PM | #210
For the hold the crystal maybe reduced healing while holding it.

If this includes GSF as well a team assault / defend on capital ships. who ever destroys the ship quicker wins. if possible maybe even allow people to man guns on the capital ships during defense. for this to work we would need to destroy several areas of the ship.

I also like the idea of adding companions and legacy moves to warzones... after all everyone has the same opportunity to earn these moves as well as gear their companions. perhaps also making an arena with racing to objectives and allowing use of speeders in a warzone would be a refreshing change.

This may sound a little crazy but how about something were you fight along side the opposing faction. 4 from each side. you fight against waive NPCs whichever side has a higher amount of damage healing protection and kills wins (these stats would probably need to be converted to some neutral score to so if one side has a tank (where stats are somewhat low it does not hurt them) and the other does not.
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