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Looking for Sith Inquistior DPS Ligthning Rotation

STAR WARS: The Old Republic > English > Classes > Sage / Sorcerer
Looking for Sith Inquistior DPS Ligthning Rotation

Lyrsiana's Avatar

12.26.2011 , 09:58 AM | #1
I looked throughout the forums and can not find a post about a possible rotation for the sorcerer Sith Inquisitor (Range DPS). I am only level 15 but am already having a hard time deciding which spells I should use and in what order. Can anyone help me?


shadecyko's Avatar

12.26.2011 , 11:18 AM | #2
My rotation is very similar to an arcane mage. I use lightning strike 3 times to get the increased mana regen then use force lightning. then affliction. when u get chain lightning throw that in there when the instant cast procs. so basically i do the following

ls x 3 , fl x 1 , aff x 1 , ls x 2 , fl x 1 , aff x 1, repeat. with chain lighting when it procs and shock when they are close to death.

PsychoIncarnate's Avatar

12.26.2011 , 11:46 AM | #3
Curious, wouldn't affliction better serve being cast first and repeating whenever it runs out?

Daellia's Avatar

12.26.2011 , 12:23 PM | #4
We've got a compendium that may help you out:
Even Angels must kill from time to time... ~Kaedis

Kegz's Avatar

12.26.2011 , 01:19 PM | #5
<Malum Factum>

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Lyrsiana's Avatar

12.27.2011 , 09:22 AM | #6
Thanks for all the info. It really brought light to the issue.

ruckustata's Avatar

12.29.2011 , 09:34 AM | #7
Quote: Originally Posted by PsychoIncarnate View Post
Curious, wouldn't affliction better serve being cast first and repeating whenever it runs out?
For multiple mobs, I open with CL. Then LS x 3, then affliction on as many mobs as I can do before I have to use LS in order to keep the x3 regen buff up. The rotation is pretty simple. keep regen x3 up, use affliction on all mobs to keep dot up and increased chance to crit which synergies with other spells. Use CL during rotation anytime the proc hits for no cast time.

I also found that different mob group make up makes me switch up what i open with. My rotation is not set in stone but what I never forget is LS x3, affliction and CL on no cool down. If you try and keep your power up past 50%, I find it's easier to keep your power up. Once you get down past 50%, good luck trying to keep enough power to keep going the whole fight without eating yourself. LOL

Tahrgath's Avatar

12.29.2011 , 11:20 AM | #8
i myself put affliction on,then spamming LS till either affliction crits,then i cast FL or its close to running out,then i put it on again
when i know i have enough force i use CL when it procs as an instant

why dont i use FL when its not procced? cuz LS has the chance to hit twice, FL not