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How’s your Cartel Market Armour Collection coming along?

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How’s your Cartel Market Armour Collection coming along?

black_pyros's Avatar

10.21.2019 , 12:24 AM | #21
I know this is not a competition and there are sure players with more (even 100%) but, here is mine.
  • All 94%
  • Armor - 94%
  • Weapons - 97%
  • Color Crystals - 95%
  • Mounts - 94%
  • Pets - 85%
  • Toys - 91%
  • Tunings - 100%
  • Titles - 93%
  • Flair - 100%
  • Emotes - 100%
  • Companions - 100%
  • Companion Customization - 97%
  • Items By Pack - 100%
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Fraah's Avatar

10.21.2019 , 01:11 AM | #22
I've basically gone as far as I can now. I'm missing 2 refer-a-friend pets and then it's just promotional mounts and CC exclusive pets as well as the PTS titles I'm missing (though I'll be getting 2 of those soon as well). There's just the one bugged doc customization to taunt me...

Obviously, I haven't unlocked most of these legacy wide, mainly armours and timings and emotes, almost no weapons, mounts or pets...
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Kiesu's Avatar

10.21.2019 , 03:46 AM | #23
Oh dayum I didnt even know there was an unlock sale. Better go perform my last minute spam of those lol.

Not really big into collectibles or achievements, but playing space barbie can be oddly satisfying.
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Transcendent's Avatar

10.21.2019 , 04:16 AM | #24
Can't say I've ever really been fussed about collecting the CM stuff, I've probably sold more than I collected over the years. The first three shipments were probably my most collected, then it sloped off somewhat, to the extent that I've only collected 2% of the latest pack, which compared to the first 3 which were about the 50% mark somewhat says everything people need to know about how I liked the rejig and redesign of the Cartel Market packs and shipments.

The only good thing I like now is that if I really want something I can normally buy it directly, completely bypassing the inflated prices on the GTN (I don't have billions of credits, which BioWare seem to think we all do going by their pricing of "normal" in-game stuff).
  • All 28%
  • Armor - 24%
  • Weapons - 18%
  • Color Crystals - 17%
  • Mounts - 31%
  • Pets - 31%
  • Toys - 46%
  • Tunings - 23%
  • Titles - 87%
  • Flair - 38%
  • Emotes - 49%
  • Companions - 7%
  • Companion Customization - 8%
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Pscyon's Avatar

10.21.2019 , 05:06 AM | #25
Ended up grabbing Unrelenting Terror, Shadow Disciple and Humble Hero sets. Still got a couple K coins left, was considering Xoxaan's but nah. Best to leave some coins for any unexpected unlocks in the future, never know what will pop up now there's no Dulfy to tell us. Apparently I'm at 23% of armour sets collected.
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JediQuaker's Avatar

10.21.2019 , 08:56 AM | #26
Quote: Originally Posted by TrixxieTriss View Post
Do you guys buy most of your stuff straight from the CM or off the GTN?
I tend to buy lots of Cartel Packs, and that results in getting many items I want/like, and getting lots of credits by selling stuff on the GTN.
Since I have lots of credits, I buy any specific items I want, from the GTN. (Although r/l money is not really a problem either.)
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Nemmar's Avatar

10.21.2019 , 09:02 AM | #27
oh i don't care about unlock %.

I just get the armor sets i like.

JasonThDi's Avatar

10.21.2019 , 09:20 AM | #28
Going great!!!! I think 2 weeks ago I bought Casus Fett's armor set and the Ceremonial Mystics armor set! I've been meaning to grab the Mystics armor set for years!!! But people are greedy. *Sigh*

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