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3rd Anniversary Decorations

DarthVic's Avatar

12.10.2015 , 04:44 PM | #1
Good evening, dear Bioware.

I have an issue. The thing is i'm missing 3rd anniversary decorations from the vendor. I was so happy to see them tuesday evening but unfortunately i had no time to spend on decorations and on the Gree event simultaneously because of the working days. So i had to postpone decorating my own and my guild strongholds till the weekend.

But i realized that your alpha patch removed all those items. First all previous packs (stronghold, shadow, explorer etc.), then bronze/silver/gold decorations (glad they're coming back eventually) now these items. That's a very unpleasant deed. I thought i had time, i was really happy to see those items in the vendor inventory because i always regret i couldn't buy all those paintings, fireworks and universe map last year. And i was devastated a couple of hours ago when i read patch annotations. Will they ever come back? And if not is there a way to buy those items even if they are gone? I mean i'm willing to spend everything on all those items even if they were free. And i'm talking not only about the ingame currency but cartel coins. Why not packing them into a bundle. I'd buy it right away. Please don't punish me and people like me just for our sluggishness that prevented us buying 3rd anniversary decorations when they were available.

Respectfully, Vic Adams.
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Belo_w's Avatar

12.10.2015 , 09:29 PM | #2
sorry for you. seems those 3th ones were a bug or so. Noticed 5 minutes ago that they are gone.

Sathid's Avatar

12.10.2015 , 10:05 PM | #3
I have the 3rd ones and i see no reason why they do not add them to hopefully some 4th ann ones,,i know some players may object but i see no reason why not,the fireworks etc are pretty neat and other Stronghold people that enjoy them should have a chance to get them as well imo.