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404 - Decoration not found

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10.02.2014 , 05:42 AM | #1

while i was browsing the "Decoration-Windows" i found these two:
- Ship Computer Republic (Full) ( (TOR-Decoration Link)
- Ship Computer Imperial (Full) ( (TOR-Decoration Link)

The two computer should be available for Dark Projects as per declaration. According to they should be buyable from the Flagship Commissioner, but they do not show up in his list. Neither do they at any other Vendor on the Fleet.

Was the decoration forgotten to be implemented? Is the indication of source wrong? Is the decoration hidden somewhere in the achivements (like the class-sign)?

A yellow post would be helpful :-)

Findings from other Users

Supposedly sold for Warzone comms:
- Imperial Crate (Single)* ( (TOR-Decoration Link)
- Imperial Crate (Stacked)* ( (TOR-Decoration Link)
- Republic Crate (Single)* ( (TOR-Decoration Link)
- Republic Crate (Stacked)* ( (TOR-Decoration Link)

*got added to GSF and Warzone Decoration Vendors with Patch 2.10.2.

Supposedly sold for prefabs:
- Corellian Zoo Decal ( (TOR-Decoration Link)
- Corellian Zoo Poster ( (TOR-Decoration Link)
- Sign: Danger ( (TOR-Decoration Link)
- Sign: Keep Out ( (TOR-Decoration Link)
- Sign: Watch ( (TOR-Decoration Link)
- Decal: Recharge Area ( (TOR-Decoration Link)

(link to original german post -> )

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10.02.2014 , 07:21 AM | #2
They're not the only missing ones..

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10.02.2014 , 07:55 AM | #3
Love the Thread title, good job!

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10.02.2014 , 08:54 AM | #4
Quote: Originally Posted by Gurluas View Post
They're not the only missing ones..
Guess what, i thought these two were not the only ones, with a slight possibility there could be a third one missing. No seriously, i guessed that there are a few (if not tons) missing decos.

I invite every one to contribute to this thread with their findings. We deserve our decoration!^^

I'll add every of your findings to the first post as a listing. And maybe one day, some of the listed items will receive a stauts code "200 - OK" (c'mon devs, we really deserve our deco^^ ).

Quote: Originally Posted by Kianabamin View Post
Love the Thread title, good job!
Hehe, thanks mate

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10.03.2014 , 11:26 AM | #6
Thanks Mubrak, i've added your findings to the opening post.