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Slicing post-nerf, please look at the numbers BW

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Slicing post-nerf, please look at the numbers BW
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01.31.2012 , 10:22 AM | #351
Quote: Originally Posted by Helishron View Post
Over time you do make a profit. I ran nothing but lock box missions a week ago and kept tally of my money over time and after 7 hours and 50 boxes i made a whopping 17,248k which comes out to 39.29 credits per min or 2357 credits per hour..

This is, i believe, what biowares matrix is showing them. What they perhaps are not taking into account is that 17,248 k over 7 hours of game play is a silly amount of money. Im lv 36 with one of my characters and after killing a few guys i can easy rack in a few hundred credits a min.

The only real benefit one gets from slicing now days (besides the on planet boxes) is the drops...but as MnMrMustard and many before him have pointed out the GTN economy is a bit cr*p at the moment. Your lucky to get more than 8k for any 340 drops at the moment and i dont really see it changing much in the future. Ive actually contemplated buying up all the low priced stuff and putting it back on for a more realistic price but i fear this would only encourage people to keep posting low.

I think you are tracking the wrong information. Don't track your overall money, track the cost of the missions, the reward and the difference. This is what I have been doing for the last week and I have consistently lost money on the lockbox missions. Every day is a loss overall, at the end of the week it was an overall loss. I am lvl 400 in slicing. I alternate how many companions I sent. I did send the one companion that has a +slicking crit always. I also tried slicing on an alt, I leveled slicing to 101 on that character, I only profited once, yes ONCE on the lockbox mission. Once in the leveling from 1 to 101.

The information I gathered completely disagrees with your post. the difference is maybe the volume? I only play a few hours a night and more on the weekend. But as of right now slicing is not profitable in any way. It is a constant loss. Slicing lockboxes out in the world has been drastically nerfed but at least there are some credits there. That is also the only place I now receive crafting missions. I have not received any crafting missions via lockbox missions only lockbox slicing? secret nerf?

The point is that yes slicing was a super fun, happy time magic money machine. Now it has become utterly useless and operates at a loss if you only run lockbox missions. The slicing nerf was an overkill. Slicing produces only augments, which depending on the market can or can not be profitable. Slicing is ridiculously underpowered compared to other professions. For example underworld trading brings in metals, fabrics, and companion gifts. Any of these is profitable. Its easy to switch between the products due to market demand. Slicing only brings a credit loss from the missions and the occasional profitable augment. Anoterh example; missions from treasure hunting brings in gemstones, lockboxs and companion gifts. Again slicing pales in comparison.

Make slicing actually have a profit, give us more mission choices than augments. Other professions have the ability to actually bring in useful sell-able profitable product. Slicing has gone from being a profession you are a moron not to take to the player being a moron to take.
Lord Aposno

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01.31.2012 , 10:30 AM | #352
Quote: Originally Posted by rivnen View Post
I'm curious as to why slicing should be the only skill that makes money from doing it? All other crafting skills lose money, slice up some augments and try to make money like all the other crafting skills have to.

All the other crafting and gathering professions produce products that can be sold for a profit. Slicing missions reward you with augments that may or may not be profitable. UT and TH both have the multiple products that can be obtained from missions. Metals, fabrics, companion gifts are all profitable. So to fix your statement why is Slicing the only profession that has to loose money?
Lord Aposno

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01.31.2012 , 10:35 AM | #353
I've noticed that Slicing seems to have again been nerfed (I only started slicing after the first nerf.) The profits seem to have been dramatically cut, and losses more common.

However, I've noticed that I do actually profit (barely) on my character with higher affection, then on the character with barely any. I think affection with the companion is a key component in making Slicing profitable.
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01.31.2012 , 10:41 AM | #354
Quote: Originally Posted by PhoR View Post
I keep seeing people say "you only get credits from slicing missions", but that's not exactly true. You also get skill ups.

No other gathering skill allows you to skill up from 1-400 without spending any credits or setting foot outside your home planet. Skilling up slicing takes FAR less time/money than any other profession.

**Wrong. Completely and utterly wrong. Most gathering skill has nodes, scavenging, bioan, and like those slicing will hit the max level on the first planet. Yes you can level on nodes but to really level you need to run missions.**

Stop thinking of "Credit Box" missions as the goal. To make them the goal would severely break the economy, as Bioware has already attested to with an official post in this very thread.

Slicing nodes and Augments are the goal.
And to that end, Augment mission costs/yields DEFINITELY need to be adjusted.
But the nerf to credit box missions is entirely justified.

**Augments are very situational. Nodes are few and have been nerfed to provide very little income. The nerf was justified but it was over done. Slicing is the only profession that produces a loss if you run the missions. It produces one situational profitable product. UT and TH both produce three different products that are very profitable. Slicing only produces augments.**

As an aside:
I keep seeing ArmoredJuneBug compare making money from credit missions to making money with underworld metal missions and I can't help but point out that that comparison is apples to oranges.

Credit missions inject more money into the economy.
Selling Mandalorian Iron on the GN not only doesn't inject more money, it's entirely subject to server demand.

Slicing allows you to gather credit nodes WHILE your companions are out on other missions.

***There are not that many slicing nodes. Scavenging, and bioanalysis also allow you to grab nodes WHILE your companions are out on missions. Slicing is not a unique skill. Other skills provide the same benefits while providing profitable products. THis is something slicing lacks.**

Underworld Trading is entirely reliant on having empty crew skill time.
There is a HUGE difference between the two.

***You are right UT provides three different profitable mission options. Slicing produces one item that is sometimes profitable.***

**Response is above**
Lord Aposno

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01.31.2012 , 11:25 AM | #355
Wait, slicing only produces 1 item that's profitable? Augments? Guess I need to stop making bank on mission unlocks. (schematics too, though not nearly as profitable)

Just like every other tradeskill, real profit in slicing comes from selling stuff to other players. though unlike other skills, it's not total bankruptville working in a vacuum.

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01.31.2012 , 11:35 AM | #356
Quote: Originally Posted by Raelstrom View Post
My experience with Slicing post-nerf is not as dire as others have stated. I have made a modest sum sending my Companions on missions. Occasionally, I will lose money on a mission. However, that is easily offset by the fact that the overall gain is decent. Nothing stellar. Not going to retire to a quiet planet and just send my Companions on slicing missions by no means. It is not a complete FAIL though. When you add in the credits from slicing I do in the field it is quite a good bit of income. Then you throw in the occasional schematic or mission that drops it is pretty nice income. After 109 missions with an average lockbox level of 5.1 I have made almost $40K profit. That is only the credits earned less the cost of doing the missions. This does not include slicing nodes in the field or schematics or mission drops from missions.

As a level 400 slicer, I find this hard to believe. Most of my missions come back as a failure. Before I would make a little profit, by little I mean 100 credits permission with 1k on a crit. It would profit 8 out of ten times, so 800 credits per ten missions. Lately I have losses 9 out of ten times. No exaggeration. I actually crated a spreadsheet and tracked my epic failures. All losses; anywhere from 50 credits to 100. Not huge losses by any means, but zero profit. I have not received a mission skill from missions in quite sometime.
Lord Aposno

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01.31.2012 , 11:38 AM | #357
Quote: Originally Posted by Drewser View Post
You can also make 30+K from one level 5 slicing missions that crits. In fact I made over $90k on 10 slicing missions I ran yesterday on an alt.

Now I know that you are lying. ROFL. Wow you overplayed your hand. There is no way any real slicer will believe this. Next time this happens provide screen shots. A level 5 mission will never crit that high. Not even in the magic money machine days. ROFL.
Lord Aposno

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01.31.2012 , 11:42 AM | #358
Quote: Originally Posted by Marlaine View Post
The following is my take on the situation:

Slicing missions are not meant to make money. They are meant for the sole purpose of helping to level slicing.

At 400, you should not be doing any more slicing missions, with the exceptions of discoveries. Instead, you should be roaming the world making money off of the slicing nodes. Those nodes are where you make money. Not missions.

Do you actually think there are that many nodes out there? There are not that many nodes. The other night on balmorra I was able to see and loot about 5 to 6 slicing nodes. Average payout 644 credits. Biggest payout 900 credits. that was during about a two hour play session. Total profit about 4200. the night before only one lockbox was available, yielded 742 credits. Two hour play session. Slicing is less profitable than all the other gathering skills.
Lord Aposno

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01.31.2012 , 11:52 AM | #359
Quote: Originally Posted by KurtulanSama View Post
BTW most people are saying that other gathering missons can reward you with mats that sells less than misson cost. Here is the catch geniouses, you get mats from missons yes real crafting mats that can be used in crafting skills. In slicing we literally pay money to LOSE money. we can't use credits for anything else. I could start to give 500 - 600 credits every hour, it'll be the same thing.

So in my opinion, slicing should not make you hutt level rich in a day but it shouldn't suck your money neither. Each succesful misson at least reward you with same amount of credits you pay for the misson. Anything else is failure in my eyes.

About the profit, %15 - %30 profit is more than enough (only with missons) and a lil increased crit ratio (or useful augments) would make this skill worthwhile again.
Not really. There's an element of randomness to it. It's like gambling, but it favors the player instead of the house.

A single mission could be a huge loss (failure) a slight loss, a slight profit, a good profit, or an incredible profit (blue box). But over the course of many missions, the missions are profitable.

Does it suck when you lose money on a mission? Yep.

Is it great when you triple or quadruple your money on a mission? Yep.

Humans remember the losses more than the gains. But if you track it over hundreds of missions, you'll find that the missions overall are profitable.

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01.31.2012 , 11:54 AM | #360
Quote: Originally Posted by lexiekaboom View Post
Trade skill missions sell for 45k+ on GTW

So, with all due respect, stop whinning

On your server, maybe. On mine they sell average 4-6k. The mission skills drop rate has been drastically lowered.
Lord Aposno