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Skipping bonus and other things in Flashpoints

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Skipping bonus and other things in Flashpoints

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01.28.2018 , 06:21 PM | #71
Quote: Originally Posted by AlrikFassbauer View Post
Then, why are there "trash mobs" there in the irst place ? Bioware could remove them at your request.
Those above make good points, but I will add that from an RP perspective, not every person in the Star Wars galaxy is a rampaging murderer; some players might choose to play their characters as someone who spares as many lives as possible.

I am reminded of a conversation during the Taral 5 FP (cannot recall if before or during), but one of the interactions between you and Oteg it is suggested that killing everyone in sight is not necessary. Or during Directive 7, if you believe the droid that summoned you, then the droids you are up against are not in their right mind, when you defeat Mentor they will no longer wish to harm why destroy them? Or Battle of Ilum (pub side specific), the aliens that Malgus recruits may be willing to join the republic if you've spared them. Or in several FPs you are trying to make a stealthy infiltration, killing everyone in sight is decidedly not stealthy. The list goes on.
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01.30.2018 , 05:26 AM | #72
Quote: Originally Posted by AlrikFassbauer View Post
Then, why are there "trash mobs" there in the irst place ? Bioware could remove them at your request.
Trash mobs are there to make the Flash-point as realistic as possible. A star destroyer can hold up to 37,000 people, that's more people than some small island have.

The point you are missing is that time is a limiting factor and if the FP can be done in 15 minutes, then it is unfair for you to want to waste people's time by dragging it out to 30-35 mins.

There is a solo version of all the flashpoints, so being new is no excuse, and wanting to see this or that is not a valid point: so the story/solo version, at your pace.

I don't complain if someone watches a cutscence, my problem is tell us you are watching it so we can watch it too or do something else meanwhile. If you want to do a bonus boss, you better not be one who gets killed 2 sec in to a pull ( and yes, those are the people who watch cut-scenes and pull every damn mob and want to do bonus boss, all while being dead the whole time, so its literally the 3 people who did not want to do any of these things, that completed it for them). So, yes it pisses me off.

There is no leisure activity, in this game that really requires a group. Group content is for grinding, and if you are grinding then you want a decent return on time invested. No one is doing a master Mode flash-point because they trying to watch a cut-scene or take in the scenery.