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Companions you wanted to have but couldn't

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Companions you wanted to have but couldn't

DomiSotto's Avatar

11.01.2014 , 06:27 PM | #91
Master Timmns fro Warrior. He seems very eager to make friends!

meowmeowcvm's Avatar

11.05.2014 , 06:15 PM | #92
easy (I forgot alot of these people`s names though)

SI: The Forcewalking Gormak ,your two apprentices (who die on Quesh, you should be able to prevent them from dying), Utell... or I think that was his name from Alderraan, you should be able to pevent his death, and the Drayys or however you spell it on Nar Shadda

JK: The green twi`lek from Tython

IA: Watcher X, Hunter, The lady on Tatooine, and the guy on Balmorra who is pretending to be a Terrorist but he works for the empire

JC: never played much of this

BH: The lady with the Texan accent who breifs you on your chapter 1 missions, and The Twi`lek or the cyborg from Nar Shadda

Smuggler: The guy who helps you on Corusaunt, The Senator that you meet soon after chapter 1, The jedi or sith on Tatooine

Trooper: none

Warrior: none

Exosasa's Avatar

11.10.2014 , 08:23 PM | #93
Always wanted the Gormak on my SI. Such an interesting character, to be such a deviant practitioner yet... idk. Just had potential. And Ashara sucks.

Nakkyi's Avatar

11.10.2014 , 09:03 PM | #94
Just gonna go through what I've played so far.

Consular: I would Attros Finn on Coruscant instead of Tharan. I simply hate Tharan. Hallowed Voice on Belsavis instead of Iresso. Something about Iresso irks me, and an Esh'Ka would make an amazing companion. Lastly, Stark instead of Nadia. Nadia irritates me and Stark is interesting.

Warrior: Master Timms on Belsavis instead of either Jaesa or Broonmark. Both versions of Jaesa irritate me to no end. Also, while I like Broonmark, I simply can not stand the sounds he makes.

Inquisitor: I dunno. I love the entire crew, so I don't know that I would replace anyone.

Agent: Sanju Pyne on Balmorra instead of Lokin. Honestly, Lokin bothers me so much, but I don't even know why. And Mia Hawkins on Tatooine would have been a nice addition as well. Maybe in place of Temple. I don't mind Temple, but she's just kinda.....there.

Bounty Hunter: I would LOVE to have Crysta as a companion. I knew it would be unlikely, but she was a nice bit of comedy.

Smuggler: I've only gotten through Chapter 1, so I don't really know any later characters. I would like to have that Sullustan lawman(don't know his name) on Coruscant as a companion.

Trooper: Only on Taris, so can't say anything really.

Knight; Eh. While I'm not crazy about Scourge or Doc, I didn't find enough of the characters you meet to be memorable. I would have liked to have Tala-Reh from Voss, but yeah....
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