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The death of the casual crafter

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The death of the casual crafter

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02.10.2020 , 09:01 PM | #21
I'm in support of this message. Founder, most of my toons were at 55. Was a huge fan of crafting prior to my break. got a few toons to 75, started crafting, realized the same thing the OP did. Now most my toons are slicing, investigation and treasure hunting for the cash and materials, I don't really craft any more.

Thanks for killing a major part of the game for me Bio. If you wanted to kill crafting for the average player, you succeeded.
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Anyone else having the same problem? "~ lagerhat - And who says warriors are broke?

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02.11.2020 , 05:49 PM | #22
Quote: Originally Posted by Bloodstonee View Post
[...] but none of the vendors sell the crafting materials needed. I am talking crafting materials, not gems or metals or whatever. From what I can tell, I need to run operations, with 7 tools at 55 I believe I have only ran 5 to 10 operations between them all.
the vendor fluxes and whatnot are deceptive, they are lower price that you expect on the crafting (and max legacy repair droid) vendors. the other 2 items you need, isotopes, and matrices, are found easiest in flashpoints (veteran, and master) as well as operations, and from completing conquest (the larger the guild the more mats beyond the basic 2), respectively. You can also find them being sold on GTN. This is actually about the same as the previous tier.

Small side note, operations via group finder at lvl 70+ now

And it does not help that my best companions all were removed with kotfe. Who thought up that idea? Add this influence bs, and then after you built up influence, take that companion away and make you start over.
you can get them all back at chapter 9.... and I agree it IS annoying for crafters
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