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Rishi stronghold skyship PVP

BingyDingy's Avatar

01.24.2019 , 04:53 AM | #1
its basic pvp ara on top deck

it need revamp up a lt more its call what? Hutts Ball

oh let think about that name a bet, HUTTBALL

DOES IT SEEM LIKE FLAGBALL? ITS IS ANYTHING LIKE HUTTBALL a virsion the hutt would come up with Pub vs Imp? think hard about it in any of the starwars comic or movie ever had both side battle it out? no always been beast vs imp's, pub's, and others groups as will!

they take pride in seeing thier pets go all out fighting and enjoy their meals

so have imp vs pub, but have huge over size beast in there 8-12max, they die they drop great items

othere wise it just stander PVP boring thing to do!

i play PVP in other games and swtor there are catches to them, players flame other's by name calling them che***, and so on and there the troll just try get under other players skin. really don't care about PVP at all, had my fill of that burnt out....

but make this pvp like point of view of the hutt's would had it done!! make not like other game make it, be true hutts way of doing it! all you did made the action of it same as others did! just rethink Rishi stronghold fight pvp (skyship) it like no others and icing on the cake add-in hutt's pets beast in mix it up! with the pubs vs imps

btw have "lady of pain" over see it on the side like calling out the timer or score point each side made
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01.24.2019 , 09:23 AM | #2
I'm not sure I'm following you but... if I am...

I think some interactive decorations would help spice up Rishi SH PVP.
For example, walls with a gate, where you can click the button to open or close it.
Shield generators that reflect some damage, which you can click to activate for 3 seconds.
Fire, acid, and other map hazards -- I believe they promised these would come "soon".
Tripwire traps and other hazards that aren't obvious unless you spot the little clue.

That sort of thing.

Seriously though, what happened to the Huttball traps and hazards they promised us?
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