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Optimal Rotation for the Assault Specialist

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Optimal Rotation for the Assault Specialist

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10.20.2013 , 07:18 PM | #11
Those are fillers lol, only the last Charged Bolts has any chance to proc HiB.

There's a parse for 3201 procing HiB as fast as possible. IR will fall off quite a bit, but one tick of IR gone is nothing compared to an earlier HiB.
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11.19.2013 , 03:13 AM | #12
"Charged Bolts has a chance of 45% and Full Auto has a 75% chance to finish the cooldown of High Impact Bolt. This effect cannot occur more than once every 6 seconds."

That tooltip for "Ionic Accelerator" is misleading:

Those probabilities can't be reproduced at the testdummy, Full Auto seems not to fail in one out of four times, Charged Bolts succeed more frequently than expected.

My explanation for this behavior:
As mirror class the Assault Specialist is modeled after the Pyro Merc. With every attack the Merc hits the target twice (two guns), each Powershot (or Unload) has two times the chance of 45% (75%) to trigger a Railshot.

This changes the resulting probabilities, also for the Commando:

1 x Unload/Full Auto: 1-(1-0.75)^2 = 93.8% to trigger RS/HIB (not 75%)
1 x Powershot /Charged Bolt: 1-(1-0.45)^2 = 69.8% (not 45%)
2 x Powershots/Charged Bolt: 1-(1-0.45)^4 = 90.8%
Full Auto + Charged bolts: 1-[(1-0.698)*(1-0.908)]=98.1%

The calculated success rates are what I see at the testdummy, 2 Powershots in a row reset the RS almost as reliable as Unload (91% vs. 94%).

Those changed probabilities allow a reevaluation of attacks:

Probability to trigger HIB/RS: 93.8% (3% higher than two Charged Bolts)
Probability to trigger the burning cylinder: 97%
About 15% lower damage than 2 Powershots/Charged Bolts (gear dependent)
16 energy

2 x Powershots/Charged Bolts in a row:
Probability to trigger HIB/RS: 90.8% (3% lower than Unload/FullAuto)
Probability to trigger the burning cylinder: 68%
About 15% higher damage than Unload/FullAuto (gear dependent)
32 energy


When I created the rotation I tried to maximize the frequency of Railshots/HIB by limiting the failure rate (or the effect of a failed reset) of Powershots/Charged Bolts. It makes sense if a Powershot/HIB actually fails more often than it succeeds(P=45%). However, in reality the probabilities are different to what the tooltip suggests. A failure rate under 10% in 2 GCDs does not make that large corrections necessary, my rotation is partly based on wrong assumptions.

Nevertheless the proposed rotation is decent. Even after the the bug with the energy regain of HIB/RS was corrected, I never have to use more than 20% of resources (ammo/heat). This gives me the flexibility to drop a heal or start an area attack when needed, its not limited by a low energy level.

At the testdummy a priority list delivers better results.

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11.19.2013 , 02:46 PM | #13
The proc rate is near 100% if your charged bolts activates from 6-6.2 seconds. The only time Ionic Accelerator has not proc'ed for me was when I was either too early (Because with the 4% alacrity in the tree, you can be a tenth of a second early. with 4% alacrity 1 GCD is 1.43 seconds, so if you spam it will come up short.) or too late. It is also worth mentioning that if you miss this window the 2nd Charged Bolts will also always proc Ionic Accelerator. Full Auto is not that useful which is why I save it for a filler or if my first Charged Bolts doesn't get the proc. FA will proc at the beginning of the cast so it is faster than a 2nd charged bolts if the first proc misses.

My Fillers, Procing ability bracketed:

IR>CB>[CB]>AP>HiB if no proc, FA
CB>HS>[CB]>AP>HiB if no proc, FA. Hammer shot can be replaced with an Explosive round initially to sync up Plasma cell.
FA>[CB]>AP>HiB tends to fail the most often due to no instant ability. So i will delay the CB a few tenths.

Having a Hammer shot, IR, or AP (Instant abilities) in the filler will increase your chances of not coming up short in the 6 second window. Casted abilities, regardless of lag, can be precast depending on how you set up your settings, so a FA>CB or CBx3 filler would most likely result in 5.8ish seconds, so no HiB proc.

All the numbers you put up seem to only apply at the beginning of the rotation. Once in the rotation HiB procs frequently.
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Kantner - Commando AS / Kingslaya - Mercenary Pyro
Commando - Assault Specialist 2.6 PvE Guide
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