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Are mercs the squishiest class and should they be?

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Are mercs the squishiest class and should they be?

NathanielStarr's Avatar

10.08.2013 , 09:39 PM | #1
They seem to be very squishy. The healers less squishy but I'm talking about DPS. Sorcs are squishy too, but maybe slightly less so than mercs? But is that balanced with our abilities?

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10.08.2013 , 09:47 PM | #2
play a sage than ask yourself if mercs are the squishiest.
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10.08.2013 , 10:02 PM | #3
Yah my main is a sorc healer, you don't know squish like the squish coming out of every orifice in my fragile little body when I play, but, I like it, its fun, and it's challenging, and no one ever gets mad at a healer for trying to keep so many up when most times your the only one on the team.

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10.08.2013 , 10:28 PM | #4
Mercenaries have heavy armor, heals, and ranged DPS. They're a very durable class.
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10.09.2013 , 01:04 AM | #5
Short answer: No. Just for an example, I took 330k+ damage in a WZ tonight and only died 2 times.
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10.09.2013 , 02:35 PM | #6
We are squishy if we are focused but so are most classes. I'd say we are middle of the pack.
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10.09.2013 , 03:29 PM | #7
Our problem is not squishy-ness --we can actually take quite some beating, at least from 1v1.

Our problems are:

Lack of pro-active range-dictation, and lack of escapability to range.

Vulnerability to being shut off.

This helps contribute to xxIPWNN00BZ666xx (guess which class/spec) and his mates landing on us, and that rarely ends well for any class :/
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bobatet's Avatar

10.12.2013 , 08:30 PM | #8
I think the main problem is showing itself more so now in the new 4v4 arenas ..the lack of defensive abilities is all to apparent, you get bombed by charging foes sent/gaurd/vangaurd,or whatever at the start as they have already targeted and marked you for a nice quick easy termination before the round even begins and boom after youve popped the aoe kb the only tactic available,they all seem to be back on you 1 second later, so now youve tried to stun 1 of them for 4 secs and he just pops cc breaker.. futile your dead.vans/PTs are the worst they know what your gunna do and jusr pop Hydrolic overides to negate the kb .

I think its about time this had some looking at and why the hell did they change the kb effect in arsenel tree with rocket punch to " imobilize" i find it completly useless ( what am i supposed to do - rocket punch and imobilize a guy for what 1 or 2 seconds and run away ? yeh right-o ) and the kb atleast let you keep mele guys off you a bit more and have a bit better chance of suvival. I think they got that right the first time and should never have changed it ( I am a returning player so Dont know when or why this changed ).

So to answer your question despite mercs having heavy armor yes they are the squishiest of all classes. DPS mercs i mean, ofc healers have more survival options availible to them. DPS mercs cant heal in these situations the instant AOE heal is pitiful with a couple meles on you, by the time youve waisted a GC on it to heal 1-2 K you will have lost alot more ..but you had to try smt right?

I also have a DPS sorc and when i am focused i have the aoe kb a sprint and the 10 sec invunarability sheild and the a 4 sec stun, and a insta heal not a great heal but quicker and stronger than the merc one, Its not about armor its skills and the smartest thing a merc can do in random 4v4 hide for a bit because they really are almost always focused first and really gets frustraiting you must rely on your team to save your *** its not good enough.

There should be like the legasy ability a 5 sec rocket boost that lets you fly away but you cant attack while flying or some kind of decent escape move.
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10.12.2013 , 09:01 PM | #9
Amongst the healers, Sorc the squishiest.

Amongst dps, it is more complex. Sorc actually is less squishy when attacked by a group. That's because used correctly, their bubble and sprint can extricate them from a group of as many as four attackers IF the Sorc still has teammates alive. In contrast so many of the Merc dps' defensive abilities work best against a single opponent and indeed need to be chained together to deal with a single attacker. So Arsenal is actually less squishy than Sorc when attacked by a single melee, but worse when attacked by multiple. In many ways Arsenal is a bit like Jugg Rage from a defensive standpoint.

Merc Pyro on the other hand is worthless. No root. Pathetic knockback. Weakest snare in the game. Weakest sprint in the game. Free kill for any decent melee. Simply attack, watch the Merc Pyro activates his shield, go attack someone else for 12 seconds, then come back and kill the Merc Pyro. Works every time.

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10.29.2013 , 08:55 PM | #10
Speaking as someone who mains sorc and sniper for pvp. I started playing my merc...and YES merc's are the squishiest class in this game. If you ever see a merc in an arena...kill them first as they will crumple like a ball of paper compared to any other class. It is down right pathetic that a heavy armor class dies as fast and has so few defenses as the merc/commando.

DPS sorc vs DPS sorc can go 3v1 and I have a pretty good expectation of holdign those 3 off for over a minute no problem, giving help plenty of time to get to me...and I will not die.
A merc int hat situation? You are dead...don't even try to deny it...merc's simply don't have the defenses or options available to expect to survive for very long in such a situation.

Yes, that is how you define survivability and defenses, how long can the class reasonably survive against 2 or 3 on 1 scenario' stealth doesn't count as you aren't going to prevent a cap while hiding stealthed so ignore anys tealth options a class may have.
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