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GSF Conquest

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01.16.2020 , 05:22 PM | #1
This may be an unpopular opinion and probably not the most important but it's an issue thats been around for awhile. It's actually my only real complaint with GSF since I feel that the balance can only be fixed by putting in a ranked version.

The issue is with the people who log on for conquest points and literally do nothing all match. An example would be putting something in place on their legacy ID saying that if they played over 50 matches they have to earn something like 3 medals to earn any points toward conquest or the shards from Ossus. However many matches to however many medals. With that many matches under their belt though, they should be able to score 3 medals easily. That won't stop the ones who sit under a satellite all match but it's a step in the right direction.

Another idea, would be on the back end. When someone has 0's across the board or something similar through multiple matches, when it shows they're throwing them, it's a red flag for Bioware to see. It won't take a month of going through customer service to resolve it. Don't give the players any notice or they'll circumvent it somehow.

I enjoy GSF, it's the main reason I sub. Facing tough opponents is one thing but to have your allies throwing matches, it ruins the fun.

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01.17.2020 , 07:05 AM | #2
During Matches you will encounter players that tend to AFK in them, you can VOTE kick ANY afk, ANY TIME they AFK in GSF! During Matches Press "M" and click the Circled out Names, It will BOOT them for a Real pilot to join the matches. Let the other players know in the arena to vote kick, and let them know the player, That way you can be on the lookout DURING the start phase on players you will need to kick... I ALWAYS VOTE KICK AFK, I play over 66 toons and always use my Warcarrier/Legion. Bombers SITTING dont really have ANY excuss NOT to participate. Even if your hypergating up its nothing to tick off a damage on a turret or some solo scout... Always Vote kick and if it DOES become a relentless issue of the same player say 3 matches 0,0,0,0 across the board, it is time to CTRL + / and report the Server, Time, Name of Player, and GSF matches there in.. Game throwing is a violation of the EULA.TXT agreement.
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Mystic_Chaos's Avatar

01.17.2020 , 04:16 PM | #3
I call out in chat "Please press M to kick the inactive". I sometimes get the reply "Why?". Some people don't want to kick others it seems like, despite it costing us the match. The system has a flaw, just like a healing bomber being considered inactive though they're actually helping.

I'll keep reporting though, it's all I can do. It took me quoting the ToS to the rep before 1 arrogant griefer wasn't in anymore matches. Would be nice to see the devs do something on the back end to help so we didn't have to go those levels. GSF doesn't get anywhere near the same amount of attention as warzones, though they're both PVP. I know it takes awhile to implement stuff but throwing matches should be held to the same level of punishment across the board.

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01.17.2020 , 06:39 PM | #4
Agreed. As for the vote kicking, some players are just so focused on the action that they may miss some messages in chat. This is another reason something should be done on the back end as you say and not just rely on players vote kicking.
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