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Patch 6.1: RIP Tanks and Healers

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Patch 6.1: RIP Tanks and Healers

Severith's Avatar

05.27.2020 , 01:54 PM | #21
In any mmo pvp....

What do you do when a dps does too much damage?
You kill him first.
What do you do when a healer heals too much?
You....find someone else to kill.

More healing isn't the answer to too much burst. It's apples and oranges, and throws everything else out of balance when you try to fix it as a single problem.

The biggest cancer in mmo pvp is over-healing. Doesn't matter what game it is. It makes it a miserable slugfest where individual skill is eclipsed by the fact no one dies. Newer players who try pvp usually quit in that situation, and it drives away the existing player base. At least in 6.X people are dying. It sucks, but with Bioware's track record for balancing, it's better for the game when healers under perform.

SWTOR was a step backwards in many ways from Warhammer Online. There were healing classes in WAR which had their healing abilities proc on or fuel their damage abilities, and vise versa. Instead of healers prolonging fights indefinitely, (which is boring and frustrating) these classes acted much more like hybrid dps/healers. It was way more fun for everyone involved. Healers weren't invincible distant gods, they were enemies who could kill and be killed. It wouldn't even be hard to apply those mechanics in SWTOR, just some adjustments on operation boss dps.

It's too bad the "Fungineers" at Bioware can't think outside the box like that. They're still in the mindset of "priest in the back healing people" rather than the "cleric in platemail bashing in goblin heads" mentality.

Khdafi's Avatar

Today , 12:59 AM | #22
No offense intended but maybe youre just bad healers, because the really good ones can have 3 or 4 people focusing them and it can take minutes to finally kill them.