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Make CM weapons so they combine with main CM sets

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Make CM weapons so they combine with main CM sets

omaan's Avatar

07.16.2019 , 02:24 PM | #1
many CM weapons when used with CM sets look pretty bad when sheathed (leashed from back or token from belt). Thery cut through, stick out from our havoc squad, shae vizla, sith recluse, revan reborn, tulak hord and other main sets pretty badly which stops me from buying them. New lightsabers's hilt are too big, new cannons or rifles having some useless additions which cut through chest gear parts pretty badly and showing poor textures.

If you want people to buy more new cool weapons be sure to make it so that it wont cut through main set gear or its parts which are most expensive in CM (starting from 1440 i guess).

SteveTheCynic's Avatar

07.17.2019 , 05:59 AM | #2
Pfft. Consider the old old old CM-pack cannons that are so big that they stick out through the front of your character's shoulder when you stow them.
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Wilgard's Avatar

07.17.2019 , 09:11 AM | #3
As somebody who likes playing Space Barbie with the many CM sets, Iíd like to see more weapons that match with a certain armor set.

From a technical standpoint to develop weapons that move from the current resting positions would be a nightmare, even more so if each weapon needed a custom positioning. Each body preset would have to be altered for a single piece of gear, which is very difficult to do and much more on a grand scale to make weapons on all body presets not clip through gear, which sometimes is uncontrollable due to cloth physics.

In games such as Skyrim heavy modding is required in order to move weapons or close the invisible gap between weapons and the playerís body. This is because, at least in Skyrim, the player modelís skeleton has to be manipulated to move weapons from their normal positions. This is most likely similar in swtor and if so would be a huge undertaking to manipulate the many skeleton models (Skyrim has two, swtor has around 10-12 with eight usable by players).
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