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Improve Bug Report Acknowledgment/Communication.

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Improve Bug Report Acknowledgment/Communication.

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11.22.2019 , 12:55 PM | #1
I can only speak for myself here, though I am sure I'm not alone in this, but one of the most frustrating aspects is reporting bugs to 'deaf ears'. Here I'm not addressing the in-game bug reporting but those things reported in the Bug Reports section on these forums. It's quite aggravating to make a report of something and watch the thread sitting there, and sinking into the abyss, without ever getting an acknowledgment from the devs. Being left to wonder for days/weeks whether they've even seen it, whether the issue has been moved to some sort of 'to-do' list, or whether it escaped their notice entirely. Whether it's a bug at all or intended. Whether it's something on our end/our account or on their end.

I don't expect Eric and Daniel to comb through each thread and leave a response, I get that they're busy, but even just keeping the "Onslaught Known Issues" thread updated once per day/48 hours would be a step in the right direction. As it stands, that thread currently lists a handful of acknowledged bugs discovered during the first few days of Onslaught but hasn't been updated since. The Bug Report section is filled with threads, scarce few with a yellow response, but most of it hasn't gotten a reaction nor has any of it been added to 'known issues'.

Maybe there's a toss up between fixing the issue or acknowledging the issue but, personally, I'd like to know where I stand when I report something. Do I keep raising the issue because it seems no one took notice? Do I trust they've seen it and sit back hoping and waiting it'll be fixed, with the risk it did escape notice and will therefore take even longer to get fixed? Do I make another thread in case they didn't see the first one? It's not a great feeling and with extremely minor issues, fair enough, but when it comes to matters that genuinely impact game-play (be it gearing, loot, combat matters, or story elements) it is immensely frustrating when I'm left hanging.

Anyway, posting this here in General because I'd like to know how others feel about the current system and if there could be any suggestions to improve communication in this department. Maybe even something as simple as a "Known Issues" sub-section within the Bug Reports section that any thread pertaining to genuine bugs, as seen by a Dev, can be moved to. So that we, as players, can see for ourselves that our report made it into the right hands without it requiring any further communication or hassling from either side.
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