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Shade/Intensity on All Light Source Decorations Has Changed

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Shade/Intensity on All Light Source Decorations Has Changed

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08.27.2019 , 12:16 AM | #1
I haven't been decorating as much lately (because of the blasted stronghold cap), so it took me a while to realize this. When an issue with the Temple Sconce was called out, I checked and verified I could see it too. Then today when I saw someone call out a light change on the Unstable Arbiter decos I checked that and can confirm I see that one too. That got me to wondering if this was an across the board problem, not just two decos. And based on my observation walking through all of my strongholds tonight, that does in fact appear to be the case.

It is as if every deco that casts a light source has had the R (red) on its RGB scale dialed back extensively. What that is leaving us with is a lot of very white-washed/brightened lights that have lost a great deal of their color shading. All lights now cast a broader and much brighter/whiter aura.

You can see the scaling back of the red very dramatically with the Emergency Ceiling Light (Red) deco and the Imperial Ceiling Light deco. The light those decos cast now is practically pink rather than red, and much brighter and more diffused. This change actually entirely defeats the purpose of decos like this, which is to make - duh - RED rooms. Not pink ones.

Decos that previously cast very distinct shadows (such as the Yavin Chandelier and the Zakuulan Standing Lamp) have had their shadows scaled back dramatically (which completely changes the light function they serve). I'm guessing this is a result not of shadow designs being removed but of the light intensity being increased. They cast almost no shadowlines now at all, and their dark gold shading has been changed to a pale yellow.

All decos that cast light because they are "fire" have also been washed out so that their glows are much less warm and less orange than they used to be.

Lights that previously cast a distinctly blue shade (like the Generator Ceiling Light) are casting a light that is now almost entirely white.

The very distinct dark and rich gold glow cast by the Massassi Ceiling Light has been lessened too. It's still the most distinct of all the lights only because it used to be so dramatic, but it's definitely been brightened just like everything else.

The Luminous Sconce: Yellow decoration no longer lives up to its name. The light it casts can now barely be classified as yellow, it's almost entirely white, and also much more diffuse.

My guess would be that you will be able to trace the issue back to an update in June, which is when the bug with the Temple Sconce was first reported in this forum. As stated, it really does feel like the R on the RGB was dialed back, either that or some effect meant to intensify light radius was added.

Unfortunately whatever the change was, the impact it has on decos is very negative. Manipulating lighting is a key part to decorating, and rooms now look extremely washed out, like an over-exposed photo. I myself have designed many rooms around the particular shadows that the Yavin Chandelier, Zakuulan Standing Lamp, and various torches cast, or around the spotlight effect that the Luminous Sconce: Yellow and Massassi Ceiling Light could create - and now 90% of those effects are gone and rooms are a fully illuminated and insipid pale yellow. It's pretty gross.

If this was a bug, I sincerely hope it can be addressed across the board. I don't know if it's just my imagination now that I'm looking for it, but it does feel like everything may have been brightened right across the board inside strongholds; Tatooine is no longer quite as twilight and the interiors of all the rooms are brighter. Perhaps it's part of whatever issue now also has the stronghold doors pulsing with an interactable-object glow after they've been activated once, which is something they did not used to do. Shadowy areas like Nar Shaddaa exteriors are also feeling washed out.

If it was a deliberate change that had something to do with graphics effects elsewhere in game, I hope someone can take the time to revisit light source decos and strongholds and adjust their settings back to what they used to be. I know that's a lot of decos (116 in the Lights category), but they are, you know... lights. The light they cast is the whole point of their existence, and achieving aesthetic effects is the whole point of the entire decorating system. The light decos were designed as they were in their initial state, by your artists, for specific reasons. Changing them like this definitely amounts to, if not strictly a bug, at minimum an unasked for change in their basic function.

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09.09.2019 , 07:04 PM | #2
I'm bumping this thread because there's been zero dev response or attention paid to it. I am experiencing all the same lighting effect issues in my strongholds, and I'm the one who made the original post regarding the Temple Sconce lighting change in particular. This affects all strongholds, and includes many Light category decorations that are BOUGHT WITH REAL MONEY. This needs to be fixed.
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