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Returning player need help sorting item stash values out

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Returning player need help sorting item stash values out

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12.10.2019 , 11:05 AM | #1
So Iíve had some stuff in my item stash for a really long time.i have 608 items in my stash. Is there a website that I can use to determine values of all my items for the AH? I tried looking them up in the AH but a lot of my items arenít even listed. All my internet searches just turn up the items descriptions. Iím extremely grateful for help or advice
Thanks everyone

JediQuaker's Avatar

12.10.2019 , 12:08 PM | #2
What is the AH?

One way to get an idea of the value of some items is to look them up on the GTN to see what sort of prices they may be going for. This isn't always accurate, of course, because sometimes what you see on the GTN is just the left over overpriced stuff.

If it's things like companions, pets, emotes, etc, you can always just use them.
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12.10.2019 , 12:15 PM | #3
Quote: Originally Posted by JediQuaker View Post
What is the AH?
AH = Auction House = Othergame-ish for GTN.

And yes, OP, there is no easy way to do this in SWTOR, just like there is no way to do it for an item that's not listed in Othergame's Auction House. (Not universally true. The AH in Runes of Magic had a "history of recent sales" feature.)
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