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I regret a lot of choices i made and by a lot i mean a lot

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I regret a lot of choices i made and by a lot i mean a lot

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07.18.2019 , 11:45 PM | #21
Another thing is that they already have enough trouble saving the correct flags for the choices we make. So many people have inadvertently lost romances, or found that dead characters returned on Ossus, or had companions vanish, and so forth. My Republic characters' info screens show both of the Iokath faction leaders as dead currently, when only one is supposed to be. In the Consular story from the original game there are still times when dead characters show up on screen and start talking.

Considering they have trouble wrangling the flags as it is, I can't see it being a good idea to introduce anything that would play around with them even more. I think the bug reports forum would be full of upset people finding out that there's some bug or glitch that the choices *they wanted* got overridden.

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07.20.2019 , 08:01 PM | #22
Quote: Originally Posted by Elessara View Post
As I recall, the choices made during SoR have no impact on anything past it. I don't even recall the events of SoR even being mentioned. I could be wrong and if I am I hope someone says so.

However, given the issues they seem to have with story skipping I'm not sure they would want to implement something else that affects story flags. I'm not saying they won't but it's probably not a priority.
as I understand it Elessara: you are correct in S.W.T.O.R. nothing you do now effects the past
in yhe future they may introduce a time travel type event but I hope not