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[Suggestion] Date Night Weekly Repeatable Quest

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[Suggestion] Date Night Weekly Repeatable Quest

RBWTOR's Avatar

07.20.2019 , 10:29 AM | #1
There have already been some interesting threads about a "Date Night" (I'll link a couple at the bottom of this post), but I haven't found one that talks about the mechanics I've been thinking about exactly. This suggestion is meant to address these problems:

1. Romantic interactions with companion characters just end at some point, which is nice because they reach a conclusion, but disappointing because there's no involved in each other's lives feeling to the relationship anymore.
(Funny story: I stopped playing for a few years and when I came back, I couldn't remember who some of my characters were even in a relationship with and there was no way to figure it out.)

2. There are so many romance-able characters that it's only feasible to create generic interactions that don't include any conversation

Suggestion: In real life, couples often set aside a weekly "date night" to stay connected to each other. Surely a busy Alliance Commander would need to do something similar to keep the romance alive! This could come in the form of a weekly repeatable quest with the following features:
* It shows 3-4 scenes without any talking. These could be a specific set of scenes at first, with more options added over time, so that you see a "random date" each time you go out. The dates would show the player's character out with their current love interest and would not involve any dialogue - just snippets of scenes with music playing over it. The final scene should probably be a kiss scene to fit with the vibe of the romance scenes in the game.
* My understanding is that there's an issue where some NPC character models were created using different software than others, so there may be limits on what these interactions would look like. I think that's okay. You could even show everything from a distance (sitting at a table in a restaurant, walking on a beach, etc. don't need to be close-ups). Distant viewing could even give the feeling of intimacy to the event.
* The biggest struggle for me is figuring out a way to pick up the quest. The most obvious way would be to speak with your love interest companion and get the quest that way, then have it be a "Play Button" quest like a KOTET chapter. However, even though I have no idea what the code for the game looks like, that seems like it would be pretty difficult to put in place, so I have a different suggestion: Put a new Romance NPC on Odessen. This NPC would be there "to sell you tickets for events" or something, but really what he's doing is giving you the quest. When the quest isn't available, he can say something like, "I'm out of stock right now, but I have some really cool stuff coming soon!". I like this because he can either give you a quest that you have to do something with, give you some options to choose from (maybe buying a romantic item?), or he can just launch you immediately into the scene. There's a lot of flexibility for the devs to work with.
* Rewards: I think it's fine to have one weekly quest that's only available to characters in a romance, as long as the rewards aren't a big deal. You could award standard XP & money just like any other repeatable quest, but I'd suggest also including something that's commonly available, but has a romantic side to it. I like the Jawagram flower delivery that you can already buy from the fleet cantina vendor as a reward. As someone else mentioned, it would make sense to boost influence too.

Relevant threads I found for further reading:

Drenovade's Avatar

07.21.2019 , 01:01 PM | #2
Interesting idea. One thing I've always disliked about romances is that once you do the final companion mission, it's pretty much over at that point in terms of gameplay. Aside from characters like Lana and Theron, who were involved in the main storyline, and brief reunion dialogue with previous companions, the development of companion romances hits a brick wall at that point.

I'd be nice if there was some repeatable content, like in your suggestion.
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