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Turn off combat music

Rolodome's Avatar

07.20.2019 , 07:22 PM | #1
I kind of enjoy the environmental music sometimes, but it's hard to get into it and be immersed. Just about every time a fight starts, it goes to the OMG BATTLE OMG OMG OMG music and it's a completely different vibe.

This might have made sense when battles were hard and took a while, but when you're leveling or doing heroics where stuff dies within a minute (sometimes within ten seconds) it's obnoxious with the yoyoing of different music mood.

And frankly, I'm just not a big fan of the battle music. It doesn't feel earned and it feels relentless for things that aren't a big deal.

I would just like an option to have music on without having the battle music. Most of the time, I just don't play with the music on because of this and other reasons, like how much of an earworm some of it is. Or even better, an option to customize what tracks can play in what scenario in a music folder, like some games do.
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