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"Pirate incursion" achievement not granted

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"Pirate incursion" achievement not granted

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07.19.2019 , 12:31 PM | #1
Hi everybody !
I spent a lot of time today writing ticket to get my reward (aka the achievement) for "Pirate Incursion". I had 3 negative responses because "the studio doesn't allow" CS employees to grant the achievement. It's a bit frustrating since I've completed the achiev, unlocked conqueror of Dantooine but didn't get "Pirate incursion". I haven't changed guild, I've completed the Dantooine conquest on many characters.
The CS employee that I talked to asked me to write here since he can't do anaything for me so I write and I'm waiting for any answer.

Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco View Post
Let me add a little clarity to exactly how the retroactive grant worked today. This grant was specifically targeting the Guilds that won the Conquest, not the individuals. If you were in a Guild when it won, and are still in that Guild today, you will receive the Guild and Personal Achievement but if you have since left the Guild, you will not have received those Achievements.

Please double check your Achievements as you will not have received a pop-up even if you did get them.

If you have not received the Achievements but feel that you should have, please contact CE. Be sure to include as many details as possible including the character, server, Guild, and timing when you would have earned the Achievement along with any other relevant details. It will help them in assisting you quickly.

Thanks all.


Correct me if I'm wrong but I understand here that "Pirate incursion" should be granted for all the players that completed the conquest and are still on the same guild, which is my situation.

The weirdest is that many of my teammates received both "Conqueror of Dantooine" and "Pirate incursion". I think it depends on the CS employee that is answering and not any decision from "the Studio". I'm a bit upset to see that some members are receving the rewards and some don't because of the decisions that are made and not based on what you did in game.

I hope that I'll recieve an answer about why I don't have the reward even if I completed the event when my mates recieve it.