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How do i boost a created character?

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How do i boost a created character?

softgunforever's Avatar

04.21.2019 , 12:50 PM | #1
I wanted to create a new character for PTS instead of just copying a character over, as i was told i would be able to boost the characters level and equipment from the starting planet, but i can't figure out how. help please? thanks.

Darevsool's Avatar

05.06.2019 , 10:31 AM | #2
I don't think you can for this round of testing.
The NPC's they added for the last big testing push aren't there anymore.
<Dead Wookiee Storage> Imp - StarForge/Satele Shan
<Babyslaughter> Pub - Star Forge
<SluisVanShipyards> Pub - Satele Shan
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