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Maxminnaar's Avatar

05.06.2014 , 03:33 AM | #1
I have noticed that with my Sith Sorcerer when I would like to display a color crystal from the GTN (Cntr+left click) before buying it that it doesn't really match up like it should.

For example I have an "Advance Blue Core war hero crystal". when I preview it (Cntr+left Click) is shows me this terrible color almost like a gray blue thing, but when i bought it and installed it, it came out pretty cool, almost like some of the white crystals.

have any of you experience the same thing?

Is there a way to adjust your settings to have the "preview display frame thingy" show the exact color?

My current graphic settings are as follow:

Bloom: on
Conversation Depth of field: on
Texture quality: low
Character level of detail: low
Character texture atlasing: low
Shader complexity: High
Texture anisotropy: low
Anti Alaising: off
Shadow Quality: low

I have notice that when i remove "Bloom and Conversation Depth of field" and also lower shader quality, the crystal looks exactly like the preview does (the ugly gray blue color)

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05.06.2014 , 09:41 AM | #2

All previews are WITHOUT BLOOM.

Dulfy posted a comparison of every single crystal with and without bloom on her site, I just use that instead of the in-game preview.
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05.06.2014 , 09:55 AM | #3
Thanks that helped allot. didn't know Dulfy had something like that. I will post the link in case someone else wants to view them.