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stuck in class choice

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stuck in class choice

Kaydiss's Avatar

12.01.2015 , 05:49 PM | #1
I know this is always asked and sorry for that .But I'm stuck on what class to play, Now I've played a while tried all classes really but never settle on anyway and always end up deleting them. Ideally I want something that is ranged I prefer to be on the imp side,
Which cuts me down to these

there's parts I like in all of them but I always end up struggling, and questioning myself, I like to do damage, at times I enjoy healing but I have never done it on swtor,So I feel more comfortable as dps.I want to have something that is good/ok in pve since lets face it most classes can do okay in pve, but I do enjoy my pvp warzones im looking for something that will shine there for me,
I know I'm asking for a lot, but I'm not asking for you to pick the class for me but for suggestions since I'm tired of making and deleting
Thank you

Equeliber's Avatar

12.02.2015 , 02:27 AM | #2
Sniper is always a great choice with 3 completely different specs and variety of ways to do damage. Good in both Pvp and pve. Now, if you want to heal... You won't have that option on a sniper. It is one of the best dps classes in the game atm though.
If we talk about sorc vs merc... Both heal well in pve but sorc is definitely the class to choose for pvp healing. But when it comes to dps... In pve merc>sorc just by plain numbers. In pvp I would say sorc>merc but they both are in a not-so-good spot in pvp atm. Sniper is a better choice almost anytime.
To conclude, I would say go with sniper. The lack of a heal spec will be compensated by great fun and high effectiveness. The taking cover mechanic might take time to get used to but once you get into it you will get used to it so much that you won't want to play without it (some people hate it though, FYI). I main a gunslinger (sniper mirror) for 2 years and even though I switch to other alts too it will always be my main choice for raids or pvp.

Tenacity's Avatar

12.02.2015 , 01:37 PM | #3
I agree, go with sniper. It'll be more effective all around than merc. Personally I hate the merc's animations as well, while the sniper gets some decent ability animations.

Sorc is a good choice too, but it really depends on if you want to be a force user or not.
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