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Trying to settle on a healer

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Trying to settle on a healer

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11.24.2015 , 03:22 PM | #1
I am returning to the game after a few years. I enjoy healing, so I'm trying to settle on a healer to main. From what I've read:

Sage has bubble and can better protect against burst. Easy mechanics.

Scoundrel has sustained healing castable on the move (via hots) and stealth, but it seems like weak vs burst. Tracking and maintaining hots and Upper Hand kind of sucks.

I know little about commando, except the green "HEALER HERE EVERYBODY" love beam seems awful for PVP--no idea on any real benefits. I did watch a commando DPS pvp video today, and it looked pretty fun.

So, from reading the forums, I can easily read that sage/sorc is "best", but I'd like some help from those that have played the game for awhile.
  1. How far below sage are the other two?
  2. Why is sage top; is it just the bubble or also other things in toolkit like cc?
  3. How do they rank in PVE?
  4. And finally, how effective and fun (yes I know subjective) are each of these healers' damage specs?

Crowleyz's Avatar

11.24.2015 , 07:42 PM | #2
If you go with sage as a healer think Priest in wow. Very strong, interesting enough I suppose. I just came back to the game for the first time in over three years and I've leveled a sage to get back into it. In terms of damage - boring. Horribly boring. Once I got to above 55 on it I jumped back over to my sin and jugg and it was basically then I realized how dull sage dps was. Subjective of course

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11.25.2015 , 01:38 AM | #3
I'm only seeing stuff about PvP, so I'll respond with that in mind.

It's less that non-Sage healers are terrible and more that Sage healers are easy to learn and fit perfectly into the present "burst or die" meta. They have great burst healing, great defensive tools, great energy management, and they're not hard to pick up and play. The other two healers have their own specialties, but the Scoundrel's focus on sustained healing doesn't fit quite as neatly into the present meta. They bring a lot to the table, but it's more subtle and situational. As a Scoundrel, you have to always be at least one step ahead of the situation. And you'll have to work harder than a Sage does to do your job. There's a lot more micromanagement involved. It's not as user friendly as the Sage. Tracking HoTs, energy regen rates, and Upper Hand stacks -does- get tiring at times. The reward is in the non-obvious utilities you bring, which just isn't enough for most players, and amazing sustained AoE healing.

The Commando is a middle ground between them, but suffers from being the most vulnerable of the three. Which is weird, being a heavily armored combat medic, but whatever. If you were looking for a PvE healer, I would recommend the Commando because it's the most versatile: the DPS specs of the Sage are somewhat lacking right now, and DPS Scoundrels have never fully recovered from the brutal beating they took at the hands of the nerf squad early on in the game's life cycle. Commando DPS, while not always top of the charts, has mostly had a respectably stable presence. Gunnery, at least, doesn't yo-yo as wildly from expansion to expansion as many other DPS specs do.

But the Commando lacks the Sage's awesome defensive cooldowns and the Scoundrel's extreme evasiveness. If PvP is your thing, I have a hard time recommending it there. The Commando forum regulars will be happy to tell you all about why.

So, it all depends on where your focus lies, what kind of healing style you enjoy, and how much bang to expect for your buck. The standard MMO vet advice is to pick the one you like most and ignore the numbers, since patches come and go and the FotM comps with them, but with this game's content turnaround time... idk. It's unpredictable. Sage is definitely in the sweet spot right now, but that could all change in a week, or a month, or a year, or never. It's impossible to tell with this team.
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11.25.2015 , 03:56 AM | #4
Quote: Originally Posted by Crowleyz View Post
I realized how dull sage dps was. Subjective of course
Yeah. I created a Lightning Sorc (is there any other kind of sorc dps in use?) and then the mirror discipline for Sage, and the difference in looks is unbelievable. Sorc: lightning everywhere, between me and target, out of nowhere in a big ol' zone around the target, lightning! Sage: a few stones now and then. The actual damage is the same, but it doesn't *look* powerful when the Sage does it.
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11.25.2015 , 04:29 AM | #5
Quote: Originally Posted by Introspective View Post
DPS Scoundrels have never fully recovered from the brutal beating they took at the hands of the nerf squad early on in the game's life cycle.
To be fair, no one could argue that wasn't needed. When I was last playing the Scoundrels were the top of the food chain, if you ate their stun you could just lean back in the chair and wait until you respawned. That being said, they have an extreme tendency to overdo their "balancing".

But that's beside the point, Commandos used to be in a good way back then as well in terms of healing, really good way. Almost rediculously so. But the Sage seems to have stayed somewhat stable and as a result they would be the safe choice to go with, plus they're in a good position right now. Nothing preventing you from giving the others a try once you're all kitted and and start to get tired of that class in PvP.