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Class schizophrenia.

Kaedusz's Avatar

11.27.2015 , 03:11 AM | #1
nevermind, delete it

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11.27.2015 , 09:59 AM | #2
Yo man Im about to level with you,Gamer to Gamer.
I went through the same thing,constantly switching and deleting class because I disliked their weaknesses.
What I found out is that after playing I forced myself to stick to one class and I enjoyed it.
Looking back, the reason I enjoyed it was simple.After forcing myself to keep playing the class I found myself focusing on the strengths of the class instead of the weaknesses.
When I started out my vanguard I was instantly in regret but overtime I was like "sure....I don't have a huge cannon but what I do have is an Arc Cannon ( cuz "force" lightning can go duck itself) and the ability to become immortal for like .......forever.I also have c4 and a very sharp knife for when I need to cut a beach ".
I found solace in focusing on what my class excelled in instead of what it lacked in.
Don't delete your marauder.I beg of you.Instead of focusing on why it would be cooler to have 1 saber think how cool it is to have 2 SABERS!!! like that's an accomplishment in and of itself....You can go ham 24/7 and kill everything in t-minus 1 second.The Jugg cant do that,sure lets be real....the jugg is immortal but you wont need to be since you kill everything do damn quickly to need that much tankiness anyways.

So from now on I beg of you FOCUS ON YOUR STRENGTHS!!! AND NOT YOUR WEAKNESSES!! and you my friend will enjoy the game much more.That is both a promise and guarantee.

Have a great day <3

p.s. if that fails roll a gunslinger and pew pew pew till you smile.
War does not determine who is right.......only who is left.