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Companions and their ne designed affection in dialogues.

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Companions and their ne designed affection in dialogues.

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11.21.2015 , 01:58 PM | #1
How does this actually work now since 4.0? I can't really get the knack of this feature. Do only gifts improve their effeciency, or can you still gain through dialogues affection? How about vette in special, while leaving her collar on and zapping the s***t out of her? Can we still have her affection to 50? And can we get her story now? Pre 4.0 if Vettes collar remains on her neck, she won't tell us about her sister.

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11.22.2015 , 12:01 AM | #2
Before if you picked something they didn't like you would loos affection, now if you pick something they don't like you only gain a small amount of influence think 65 or so. Vettes companion chain missions are based on taking the shock collar off, if you don't you cant go past a certain point, since 4.0 Vette is actually a masochist and shocking her makes her like you more because she gains some influence.
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11.23.2015 , 01:55 PM | #3
Disapproval and approval should be giving the same amount of influence now, unless I'm mistaken. This change is essentially to help prevent companion content from getting gated behind a wall of roleplay-killing metagaming. Companion quests/conversations are unlocked through main story progression rather than affection amounts now which is nice. Influence mainly affects companion bonus stats and crew skill efficiency. No idea if they did anything different with Vette though I doubt it. Pretty sure they haven't touched the actual dialogue of the original stuff which would mean there would be contradictory lines and things to that nature.

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11.24.2015 , 09:12 AM | #4
Quote: Originally Posted by TurtlesAWD View Post
Disapproval and approval should be giving the same amount of influence now, unless I'm mistaken.
You're mistaken. Approve gets +200, Disapprove gets +50 (+65 is +50 with a +30% legacy perk bonus).
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11.25.2015 , 08:57 PM | #5
About this subject can anyone help me ? I'm currently playing a Sith Warrior and I intended to romance Vette.
but then no more conversations for quite some time. I reached Belsavis and I think i didnt get a conversation with her since Tattoine or somewhere in Chap 1... I am lvl 20 of influence with her wich was largely enough to romance Kira on my Jedi. Thanks for any guidance, let me know if it's not clear ! ^^