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Qwus Suggestion for Changes November 2015

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Qwus Suggestion for Changes November 2015

Qwurdilu's Avatar

11.23.2015 , 12:57 PM | #1

The following changes are divided into two, individual class changes, and changes to meta gameplay. Please have the later in mind when judging individual changes.
Please keep in mind that this wont result in perfect balance since i want to try to keep individual gameplay style as much as possible.



Changes to meta gameplay

  • Move healdebuff from damaging abilities to taunts. (this is THE major debuff tanks do currently, it needs to be as good as possible balanced. Hoever, all three tanks do damage very very differently. Its one cause for powertech tank overperforming and jugg underperforming)
  • Consider to rework tanks defense stat. It highly handicaps immortal jugg in its current state in pvp, and there is no easy fix for it other than making tanks defense stat also apply to tech and force attacks. However, this is a major change as it will also affect CCs and pve a lot, so i suggest you go back to the drawing board for tank stats for the next major update.

Try to assimilate how easy AOE heals are pulled off. Sorc hitting allways all targets with easy, while most people will walk out of kolto wave is a problem. For suggested changes read individual class changes.

Damage Dealing
Fokus more on AOE damage when balancing. Its a very very important type of damage in the current state of pvp. The disparity in dealing aoe dmg between speccs and classes is way to high currently. For detailed suggestions on some classes please read below

Individual Class changes
Bounty Hunter

Sith warrior

Sith Inquisitor


Imperial Agent