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Chaninging Focus they said... it will be better they said...

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Chaninging Focus they said... it will be better they said...

XAliance's Avatar

10.10.2017 , 01:15 PM | #1
So 5.5 just hit us and the changes for the Jedi Knight/Sith Juggernaut went live.
I read the changes beforehand and saw a lot of controversity about the "Persistent Chil" skillpoint.
Up until 5.5 i used the rotation from Skyesora on Dulfy. After i saw the changes i changed the rotation a bit and put in "Slash" for "Freezing Force" in the single target rotation, to trigger "Force Lash" more often due to it's now increased damage. To make up for the additional 1 focus which is consumed, i swapped "Sundering Strike" and "Concentrated Slice" so that it's executed like in the opener.

Pre 5.5 i did around 9200* DPS with the "old" rotation.
However, now after 5.5 i reach 8800* DPS with the changed rotation (a 400 DPS loss)
with the "old" rotation i only get 8200-8300* DPS!
*(with 246 Gear on a 2.5 million HP dummy with shattered armor)

I did not get the feeling that there was any intention to nerf the Focus Guardian or am i wrong?
Is there anyway to change the old rotation to make up for the loss of the damage from the "Persistent Chill" utility, or am i doing a mistake in first place?

Greetings, xAliance!
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10.10.2017 , 01:25 PM | #2
Same happens to me. My highest parse for Focus was about 9300 DPS. Now I got 8990 DPS. Sure, some adjustments could be made but it seems like a slight nerf.

And yeah, I expected it to happen after reading the announced changes. There was no way a 5% crit chance increase on 2 abilities (even on hardest hitter) were going to cover the loss of FF. FF was basically the reason why Focus actually was where it was. Without it's addition it would have been one of the worst melee burst. And as Bioware didn't seem to intend to make FF viable in Single Target rotation, it kind of makes sense that Focus drops lower now.

So basically, for me it's just Vigilance for every fight from now on. Not like it wasn't like that already, to be fair.
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