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So which utility are you taking instead of Piercing Chill after 5.5 (PVP)?

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So which utility are you taking instead of Piercing Chill after 5.5 (PVP)?

DsevenO's Avatar

09.27.2017 , 01:00 PM | #1
I'm torn between Intimidating Presence, Thrown Gauntlet, and Consuming Rage. Pooled Hatred still isn't an option because it has been broken since its inception for vengeance spec.

Note: I understand that this is all a moot point for ranked (as we are burned down instantly anyway) and Bioware has made it clear that the viability of certain classes/specs is of no concern to their development plans.
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Ansultares's Avatar

09.29.2017 , 05:56 PM | #2
For a damage oriented build? Probably still piercing chill. It's not like there are great alternatives.

But I can see a control jug going with Thrown Gauntlet. Or a tank taking Through Victory.

If you're not already taking Intimidating Presence, it's great for the reset on interrupt.

AdjeYo's Avatar

09.29.2017 , 06:00 PM | #3
Definitely still Piercing Chill for PvP. You're going to want to use Chilling Scream even if you don't take the utility point, so the utility is still giving some extra damage and a movement speed increase.

cool-dude's Avatar

10.23.2017 , 09:23 AM | #4
Piercing chill is still the thing to take.

Increases your in-combat moving speed by 35%, dots stealthers, and can keep a group of people off a node or door. The ability has no cooldown either.
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