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Winter/Spring 2018 Roadmap Update

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Winter/Spring 2018 Roadmap Update
First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

kodrac's Avatar

02.15.2018 , 11:55 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by KeithKanneg View Post

Companion Return: Mako and Akaavi - Bounty Hunters and Smugglers are reunited with this duo, who’ve been working together during the players’ absence.
Pretty cool!
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Anysao's Avatar

02.15.2018 , 11:57 AM | #12
Keith, I understand that you probably can't tell us much about IZAX's special rewards just yet, but I do have two questions I hope you can answer:

1: Will this special reward be time-locked? Your post seemed to imply that we would have to defeat IZAX prior to 5.9 to receive this prize. I was thinking something like the Dread Fortress and Dread Palace special titles that were rewarded during their "Nightmare Power" events in 2014.

2: Will this special prize be offered for both Story Mode and Master Mode?
Ooh! In Elder Scrolls Online, I get magic spells and colossal PvP! That sounds cool, but one question, where do I get a lightsaber?
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02.15.2018 , 11:58 AM | #13
Quote: Originally Posted by ThomasStarWars View Post
Glad to see traditional expansions as a plan.
Notice how Keith mentioned 6.0 as Game Update, not xpack. So i dont have high hopes
Is that a hairstyle, or did a womp rat die on your head?

Eldeos's Avatar

02.15.2018 , 11:59 AM | #14
yeah but where our cross-faction pvp

(as in all maps are cross faction, not just odessan and yavin)

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02.15.2018 , 11:59 AM | #15
New augments already?!
Also no news on return of Kira makes me a sad panda.
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02.15.2018 , 12:00 PM | #16
Any more GC/CXP twerks? I mean tweaks...
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02.15.2018 , 12:01 PM | #17
Quote: Originally Posted by KeithKanneg View Post
Hey everyone,

Conquest Revamp:
  • We have all enjoyed receiving our rewards each week! Ok, in reality, we’ve had our fair share of issues this past year, but going forward, we want Conquests to be a consistently fun activity for Guilds and individual participants.
  • As a result, we’ve made substantial improvements to the Conquest system including a new interface, new daily objectives, new missions, and more. Most importantly, we have rewritten the backend system to ensure you benefit from your weekly efforts. Look for details in an upcoming blog or forum post.

--- Keith

Keith, this revamp is about a month away - how soon do you think we should be looking for the blog post? I'm very interested in hearing more about this.

Also...Release the content as it's can't afford to go a year while you save it all up or a "big" release unless you have filler content to feed us during that time, which I don't believe is possible.
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AnonDark's Avatar

02.15.2018 , 12:02 PM | #18
Do you have any information about pvp Season 9?

ThomasStarWars's Avatar

02.15.2018 , 12:03 PM | #19
Quote: Originally Posted by quantez View Post
Notice how Keith mentioned 6.0 as Game Update, not xpack. So i dont have high hopes

usually an expansion can be referred to as a game update.

Rheshalea's Avatar

02.15.2018 , 12:04 PM | #20
Looks like I might resub before the current sub-time even runs out. Ooor I might wait until April and see if the returning subs are getting the 2-minute cutscene treatment as well, in which case my break will be longer...
Good to see there's more content coming, but I'm honestly not thrilled enough to immediately resub.