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Some suggestions to improve the game experience

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Some suggestions to improve the game experience

NJMorf's Avatar

05.25.2014 , 10:33 AM | #1
Linked Republic and Imperial guilds. Considering how much there is in this game that encourages (or even flat-out requires) that you have characters in both factions, and considering how common it is that guilds roll both republic and empire versions, it seems unfair that you get cut off from all of your guildies when you play on the "other" side. I'm sure that other games have excused this separation of factions by arguing that if you had free communication, it would spoil PVP, or the economy, or something, but this is the age of the internet: it's trivially easy to communicate outside of the game while playing, so making it hard or impossible in game does nothing but annoy players. Let us link the chat channels of one guild in each faction so that we don't have to be alone when we're the only guildy playing on the other side.

Account or legacy-wide friends/ignore lists: managing these manually is a pain in the backside.

Account or legacy-wide credit balance: we can already freely transfer cash between alts, but this would save us from having to repeatedly log in and out of characters to do it.

Account or legacy-wide pets and mounts.

Account-wide key binds: probably best as an option on a per-toon basis, for those people who like to have completely different keymapping for each toon, but for the rest of us, it's a pain to have to rebind everything manually every time we roll a new toon or change the keys we use. Could be linked into the UI layouts.

Filters in the missions window, so we can choose to show only the missions returning a particular material or reward. Obviously this would be persistent when we select another companion, so that the list doesn't constantly reset back to the grade 9 missions when we want to run grade 6. Ideally, this would be persistent across characters and logins.

Include reverse engineering information in the tooltips in the crafting window: being able to see whether we could RE an item without actually having to make it first would save time, materials and frustration.

Stop resetting the mail interface to the incoming mail list whenever we send a mail. I frequently send more than eight items to the same character, so I'd love the interface to stay on the send window and keep the last recipient's name in the To: field after I've sent the mail. Being able to send more than eight items at a time would be nice, too.

Let us display all of our toons on the login page if we want. I've got ten, so two fall onto the second page. I'd happily accept scaled down buttons or just the toon name instead of all the details if it meant getting them all on one page. Alternatively, let me choose the order in which they appear instead of resorting it by the last login.

Let the launcher update the game without us having to log in first. I've lost count of the number of times I've started the launcher without logging in, then done something else for a while before logging in and finding out I have to wait 20 minutes or an hour for a big patch to download and apply itself.

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05.25.2014 , 10:48 AM | #2
The credit balance idea could be done by simply allowing us to store credits in our cargo holds and making said cargo holds accessible account wide.

NJMorf's Avatar

05.25.2014 , 12:40 PM | #3
Quote: Originally Posted by Anaesha View Post
The credit balance idea could be done by simply allowing us to store credits in our cargo holds and making said cargo holds accessible account wide.
Yep. Might even come in with the legacy banks, but I'd rather have one overall balance than have to run back to the piggy back whenever I ran low.