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My big list of suggestions and fixes

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My big list of suggestions and fixes

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05.26.2014 , 11:57 AM | #1
So I came back about 2 months ago when housing was announced (finally) after being away from game for over a year.

As I'm heading into major shoulder surgery tomorrow and will be gone for a extended period of time. This is my list of things that need to be added/changed to game for long term health and stability.

Note: Please note I'm only talking about subscriber content. I wont lie, I couldn't care less about F2P restrictions and what they want/demand. For me it comes down to "do you feel game worth supporting or not". IF not, then why would you play it for free anyways as its clearly not to your liking. When I grew disillusioned with game in 2012 I cancelled sub and walked away for 12-14 months until they started adding stuff (Housing) I did want and felt I could once again support EA on this title.

Note 2: No corrections on me calling this EA. To me, Bioware is dead and gone. EA can keep this new company open and call them Bioware if they want (they bought the company so have that right) but in my eyes, Bioware, and what made Bioware great, and the people that made Bioward great, have left and is gone. SW:TOR is Electronic Arts all the way now.

Let me be clear on 2 fronts.

1) I'm actually enjoying the game now. When I left I could not make that claim. So nothing I write here is about bashing the game or wishing it ill will of any type.

2) Having said that, I honestly do not know if its not to late to turn around the downward trend in SW:TOR. An insane amount of mistakes were made by the original dev team and they built up a huge amount of bad reputation and ill will with gamers. I'm not sure any changes at this late date can reverse the declining numbers. Not at all fair to the new dev teams working on TOR (whom I think mostly have done a good job), but its a fact they have to carry all the bad word of mouth created by those that came before them.

So going on the assumption its not to late to repair the damage done by others, this is how I see things that are needed/required going forward.

Side Games and Extras

- Pazaak and swoop bike racing (getting the obvious ones out of way). With announcement of slot machines (seriously??? Come on guys) EA has put the pressure on themselves now to release pazaak and swoop racing. Slot Machines are poor mans replacements and will not fill the hole left by the absence of 2 very iconic KotOR mini games. Plus addition of slot machines removes the excuse about not wanting gambling and gambling1 affecting T rating (not that anyone with any brains seriously believed that very poor excuse before.

- Appearance/Costume Tabs. Honestly a pretty standard item in most MMORPGs now a days. Allows for a quick switch to different gear for different look and/or different stats with out filling up your limited back pack space inventory. Tanks could carry a Tank set of gear and a DPS set of gear. Healers could carry DPS and healing gear, DPS could carry DPS and (well do DPS really do anything else :P hehe).

Just a huge convenience item that should be in game already.

- Report Spam automatically ignores acct and DOESNT count towards your ignore list cap

- Ignore name ignores account rather then just that name. Speaking for myself here but I recently saw a name (well to avoid breaking forum rules lets just say it was about doing #2 in his trousers). I put that person on ignore but I honestly have no desire to interact with that player in any other character. That one name tells me more then enough about that player. I do not need any more information or encounters with him.

- Dual builds. To go with those different gear sets is ability to switch over instantly to a saved pre set build. Im not talking about changeing advance classes (something Im 100000000% against btw) but allowing players to switch from Tank to DPS builds instantly.

I know its a minor thing but having to fully resec every time you change your build is a huge time waste and rather annoying. If Rift can allow players something like 5-6 different pre set builds, SW:TOR can offer up 2 pre sets for convenience sake


- Future expansions need to not only offer up new planets (wookies home world and Dant should be mandatory because of roles they played in KotOR games. As should be Onderon and its moon Dxus (sorry if I got those names wrong) but expand the existing worlds with new 55+ content.

Take Tython for example. Now the TOR is not confined as cannon material there is amazing sites and places to visit on Tython (based completely on the Dawn of the Jedi comics who designed a huge spread out Tython and a moon that served as a jail/prison).

- Having played a number of characters from 50-55 upon coming back one thing became crystal clear to me. Illum dailies are very under utilized now. I would like to see Illum Dailies be tuned up to level 55 and a weekly quest line put in. I know some of the dailies would have to be moved or retooled because the storyline is still level 50.

But fact is Illum is very empty now once a person is done the Storyline (if they bother doing it at all... so many do not). Where once Illum was usefull to crafters and players looking to make some credits daily. Now its fallen out of flavor and out of rotation to all. It needs to be changed up and updated.

Character Expansion

So I doubt we ever seen a new class or new faction added to game. Would be great (and is needed) but I doubt it happens.

But on the off chance there is a slight ray of hope.

Since SW:TOR is offically not Star Wars canon anymore. Id LOVE to see a 3rd faction added to the mix. There is many Star Wars factions in the expanded universe that could be added to game fairly simple.

My hope is however they go outside Star Wars and draw from Mass Effect. Id love to see Geth added to game. Krogan added to game. Heck even Asari and Turian races.

I know that will not go over big with some of the rabid Lore fanatics but I really think it would add allot to the existing gameplay universe.

I do think (and have always thought) SW:TOR can do RVR content with just 2 factions but honestly adding a 3rd would add many levels of intrige to the game. Plus a 3rd faction with its own storylines and classes and companions would almost instantly bring many players who loved the story line aspect of SW:TOR (but ran outta content) back to try game again.

A huge pay for expansion that brings in RVR and a 3rd fully fleshed out faction is just a win/win/win senario for all sides.

Achievements and Reputation

Let me say, I was ultra pleased to see acheivements/Reputation finally in game. They were one of my key suggestions to devs back in closed beta and I feel should have been in game from launch on.

But sadly the Acheivements/Reputations fall well short of the mark.

I returned to game roughly 6-7 weeks ago and received NO credit for content I had done prior to leaving game. Yet despite that I am at Legend Status for CZ, Makeb, Oricon, Section X, and Bounty Broker (was here for 2 bounty events only).

If completed (on my main 5 characters) all of my companion kills acheivements, all of Oricon acheivements, all of CZ acheivements, about 80% of Makeb acheivements, almost all of section X (just need to find a couple critters and mass slaughter).

Point is while its great acheivements/Reputation in game, its to easy to max out. When I think of acheivements I think of killing 1,000,000 mobs of a certain type (and then you only get credit for mobs that are green or higher, not grey underlevel mobs).

Acheivements should be just that, an ACHEIVEMENT that seperates you (and a select group) from the bulk of the player base. 100/1000/2000 mobs just come well short of the mark of granting that feeling of acheivement.

Acheivements should be something not everyone will want to do or complete (and not something that can be completed in a couple few weeks by just doing normal content).

This has always been a short fall for SW:TOR.
You think everyone needs to be handed everything easily.
Its ok to challenge people via toughness or via persistance.
You dont need to hand every single player every little thing.
To some a million mob acheivement might be to much grind. To others its a challenge to be met that will drive them for months doing content they otherwise would not have looked at again.

Same goes for reputation.
The top reputation of a area should be so high that your average player will give up going for the highest rank and title.
THAT'S why that rank and title will become meaningful and special to those that do persist and push through (be it 55 content or be it over multiple characters)

SW:TOR Devs need to stop giving everything away easily already.
Giving everything away is part of the reason people get so bored.
There is nothing to shoot for that makes a player stand out from the crowd.

Id like to see every achievement in TOR have one more high end achievement or reputation level added and I would like to see that achievement/reputation level and title require significant dedication and persistence.

For example Makeb.
How about a new achievement for completing 10,000 daily missions, another for completing 1000 weeklies (so even if you run Makeb weekly on multiple characters Like I do, your still looking at over a year of weeklies to get the achievement (and of course appropriate title for achievement).

People running hard mode flash points are becoming less and less so how about an achievement for running 10,000 lvl 55 hard mode flash points and completing 1000 lvl 55 hard mode flash point weeklies. You could add in 1000000 lvl 50 + hard mode flash points and 100000 lvl 50+ weekly hm Flash Points. With appropriate achievement and title for each accomplishment.

You do this to all the content and suddenly the old content has meaning again and something for players to shoot for.

I love Makeb but now im legend reputation I gotta admit I find it just that little bit tougher to go back to Maken now. Because I dont have that virtual carrot in front of me, driving me.

PS: I love the achievement where you kill 1000 jawa's while the party jawa is active. GREAT inventive and creative achievement. But why not expand on it with other pets and mobs. Kill 1000 tauntauns on Hoth while the tauntaun pet is out. Rakghoul pet and rakghouls. ect.

Player Vrs Player

Listen I'm not going to sugar coat it.
SW:TOR PVP is terrible
just terrible
Personally I have not stepped back into a war zone since coming back and I have ZERO interest or intention of stepping back into a war zone going forward.
Its a terrible experience that is deeply flawed and frankly unskilled (and that's from someone that has always been active in PVP since the first MMORPG ever made in 1991)
But I have flagged myself in open world and attacked people of opposing faction for that PVP experience and do intend to continue to flag myself in open world PVP (considering running my sorc as flagged all the time)

Lately you can find larger groups of imps and reps battling it out on Oricon, for no other reason then they can and its not a war zone.

Expertise is a nightmare and was just such a bad idea that could only result in how it has resulted. Creating an imbalance that drives new players away from doing the war zones.

Yes those with high expertise will proclaim it great and tell others to L2P but truth is, its just a crutch for inferior players to boost their ability inflated artificially.

Give me more equal open world PVP anyday where gear isnt the final decider.

Its no big shock most of the real PVPers left for ESO and its RVR.
ESO has terrible interface and horrible PVE but it got the PVP concept right.
And its a concept that was hammered at devs during the closed beta in SW:TOR (and before beta on forums) for years, but they ignored it and its costed the game.

This game NEEDS RVR content.
A planet or 3 (new ones, not existing ones) that players can battle for ancient relics of power (effect the entire faction, not just individual or small group) and outposts and temples (claimable and upgradable by guilds and alliances).

In short you need to make PVP apart of the core game design rather then just the mindless meaningless side game it currently is via warzones.

Dont get rid of the existing warzones.
If people want fast mindless pvp, its a fast option that requires no thought.
But you need to add in RVR to this game and make the conflict between the Reps and Imps matter on the grand scale.

Flash points

So let me say up front you have a problem with group finder and hard mode weekly flashpoints (I'm doing 55 but I suspect 50 same way). The reward is actually awesome for these 2 weeklies but compared to the ops reward, people just opt outta running hard modes. This is hurting the game.

Contrary to minority belief, this game CAN NOT function with just PVPers, just Raiders, or just PVPers and Raids. Neither group alone or combined is large enough to support this game (or any game). You need to look to the majority player base outside those 2 groups and see how you can support them, enhance them, keep them playing.

I've suggested a few sure fire ways already like adding real PVP to game that matters and gets all the players involved and active, but on a equal footing where tactics and skill will matter more then expertise stat. And like adding in a high end achievement/reputation teir that will drive completionists (like myself) to continue doing content long after any other reason to do it is gone. But you need more then just that,

Flashpoints are the answer.
Always has been the answer honestly.

What I would like to see is leave the current 3 hard mode 55 was the weekly but add a 2nd teir weekly of say 9 lvl 55 hard mode weekly that offers up a bigger reward (3 hms give you ultimate and elite, so 2nd weekly would give you double the ultimates and elites and say a % chance to get a random artifact gear drop to Campaign gear drop, or nothing. Completely random chance once a week for nothing to campaign random gear drop ) BUT with this 2nd weekly you MUST complete it in the week as it resets to zero at end of week (no carry over like the weeklies currently do).

For the 50 hard modes you could do 9 50 hard modes and rather then just receiving elite and basic you could add in 3 ultimate's + elites + basic coms. But again no carry over. The 9 50 hard modes must be done with in the weeks time frame.

Lastly you need to create more 2 man Flashpoints.
Czerka 2 were doable before as a 2 man unit but I don't think they are now except MAYBE by people in 180 gear. But even then I would doubt you could 2 man the desert habitat zone.

You need to put in more 2 man flashpoints with their own weekly quest and reward.

You designed a game that can be basically soloed from start to 55 but then you offer up no small group end game content other then Oricon and CZ (which are great but its not enough)

Lastly, I don't care about the complaints from those that couldn't do it. I LOVED Lost Island HM before I left. Myself and some guildies at the time spent many hours figuring it all out and what worked best and we ran it almost daily. Other then Kaon under siege, all the other flashpoints felt to easy and simple in hard mode.

I want to see new TEIR 2 Hard Mode flashpoints for group of 4 who are willing to put in the effort to figure it out and master it.

Everything doesn't need to be so mindlessly simplistic.

I get that a large portion of the new MMORPG player base are allergic to challenge and yes most of the content has to be dumbed down for them so they happy (and it has been). But there is nothing wrong with having a couple / few tier 2 flashpoints that will push the challenge level and challenge even the most competent player.

The easy mode players do not need to have access and success at every single peice of content in the game. Its ok to put in a little bit of high challenge level content, like Lost Island originally was. For that 10% or so of your subscriber base that still enjoy challenge.

NPC Difficulty

Now let me say up front I DO NOT mind hard challenging fights. Heck one might say I thrive on figuring out the mechanics and tactics to defeat such fights. I'm usually the first of my friends to figure out how to solo something designed as group content because ill work at figuring it out.

But what you have done with CZ, Makeb, Oricon in giveing every single strong and above (and some lower teir mobs) stuns, knockbacks, pulls is NOT CHALLENGING. Its just annoying and really is making your player base quite upset in their vocal annoyance at it.

I have ALWAYS considered stun, knockback, pull (abilities that take character control out of the hands of the player playing the character ) to be lazy and unimspired design/play.

The WORST PVPers (ability skill wise) you will ever run into are the ones who put those types of abilities in their opening moves. Its a clear signal that if they cant control your movements, they can't counter the tactics of a fight.

Same goes for PVE'ers. The ones that have to utilize CC abilities all the time are normally the ones who dont survive a fight that doesnt go exactly according to script. They are unable to adapt to a different situation.

And same goes for devs who over utilize these abilies as a crutch to avoid actually designing encounters that challenge players in other ways/tactics.

I LOVE CZ, MAKEB, ORICON as locations (though CZ and Oricon are to small yet again) but being stunned, tossed, pulled repeatably every fight just gets old and boring. Its not challenging me, I'm not dieing to it, Im just getting bored at the stupidity of it.

Fought a Champion on Oricon other day that had me immobilized for 85% of the fight. My hold the line was blown, my break cc (forget skill name) was used, even my own stun was used up (I tried but champ was immune). And for 85% of the fight I just got tossed, pulled, bounced off floor while my companion melleed the champion down to death. In the 15% of fight I wasnt CC'd I just healed companion despite being in a dPS build.

Would have much rather had a fight where I had to interupt an ability or 2 or out right die. That would be more interesting and call on me to play character correctly and skillfully. Instead was "bounce bounce bounce, lalalalala, oh look I get to throw a heal and then bounce bounce bounce, lalalalala".

Come on, quite taking the cheap and lazy way out in mob design and start adding layers to different mobs so they different and unique from each other and its up to the players to understand the fights and control the fights.

I will tell you now, if you keep giving every strong and above mob endless cc (at least put their ccs on timers like the players are) you just going to drive players away. NO ONE likes having control taken away from them and in CZ, Makeb, Oricon its basically every fight you lose control multiple times now. Thats to often and way to much.

Cartel Shop

I know you all are hoping for double and triple billing by the subscribers. They pay their sub and then buy stuff for real money over and above their free credit allotment each month. But it really leaves a bad taste in my mouth that you expect us to pay more then our monthly sub for items we would like.

I got to admit I prefer Rift's shop more where[COLOR="rgb(139, 0, 0)"] subscribers[/COLOR] can get EVERYTHING in game (excluding like 10 pet/mounts) if they want. Now some of those items cost so many gold/credits that many people end up buying with real money anyways. But the point is they had the option to earn it through in game play.

Again Im[COLOR="rgb(139, 0, 0)"] only talking subscribers[/COLOR] here. F2P and what ever the bleep Preffered is don not pay a sub so they should not expect the whole game to be accessed via in game rewards/sales.

You shouldn't be forcing your subs to be double and triple charaged on in game items imo.

In fact I only played RIFT for 2 months (finished new cexpansion content and left) but I spent more money willingly from their shop then I will in SW:TOR in a year. And the whole reason is because I could spend time to earn the items I wanted in game, but decided I'd rather have then and there then wait. The fact I had the option allowed me to justify spending extra when I did. I DO NOT have that option in SW:TOR (unless someone lists on GTN) and because I do not have option I can guarentee you ill never spend extra above my subscription going forward.

I strongly disagree with subscribers being held hostage basically and forced to pay above their sub if they want a certain items.

Speaking of Cartel Coin charges, you all really need to relook at "open to acct" costs.
Recently bought a set of cloths off GTN and went to open on acct. Figured Id be looking at 300 or so cartel coins, was 60! AWESOME

Bought a recovery animation off GTN (camping), went to unlock for acct, 240 cartel coins, SO NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. HOW the BLEEP is a recovery animation cost 4 times more then a full set of clothing unlock cost?

Really think you all need to get someone to realistically look at these unlock costs for subscribers (again speaking for subs, for non subs I think it should be triple to quadruple the cost of what subs choose to pay)

Anyways, those are my suggestions for long term growth here
In regards to lessening F2P and Preferred restrictions
In GAMING, as in LIFE,
You get what you pay for
No game restriction is so dire that $15.00/month will not eliminate it