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Dye Removal Kit

Draconus-Spawn's Avatar

05.25.2014 , 09:18 PM | #1
I think it would be a great addition to the game if a "Dye Removal Kit" were introduced. This item could be crafted by the players or sold on the Cartel Market (for a much lower cost than a dye module).

The purpose of the item would be to provide a ONE TIME USE extraction of a dye module so that the dye module can be reused. Upon use, the kit would be destroyed.
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05.26.2014 , 06:49 AM | #2
If it was priced much lower than a (or any) dye module, it would severely impact the market for dyes. It's an explicit design choice that dyes can only be used once, seeing how dye slots are the only place from which you cannot remove an add-on without destroying it.
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