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Jedi Knight Full Companion List and Gifts

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Jedi Knight Full Companion List and Gifts

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12.23.2011 , 03:02 PM | #1
To say T7-01 annoyed the crap out of me in Beta in an understatement! He had (it's now gone) this action called grapple that would pull what he was attacking to him. So I would jump to a NPC with force leap, then he would grapple it and I would have to run back after it. Man I wanted to stick my saber through his motorvater! As soon as I was joined by Kira (my second Companion) I never looked back; with my avatar semi tanking and her DPS killing stuff, was a blast! There is something about 2 Jedi out fighting side by side that I love! in live i now have all 5 and use Doc a lot tank and healer are unstoppable!

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