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"Mandalorian Fist" 21/23/2 PvP Tank/DPS Hybrid

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"Mandalorian Fist" 21/23/2 PvP Tank/DPS Hybrid

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08.15.2013 , 06:21 PM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by JaredBartok View Post
Thanks Sef! I love the suggested changes and will adopt them myself. This also supports my decision to take torque boosters over hamstring. Even though I was planning to have a shield heavy gear set (per your guide, prioritizing END > SHD > ABS > DEF), you are still right that we'll rarely have time to fit in extra RPs in between PFTs. Would you think it preferable to use a DPS gear set (with a shield offhand) to a tank set in solo queue ranked arenas, or did I misinterpret your comment?

Also, if you are already cutting out blood tracker, do you think there is any sense to cut retractable blade entirely and put those points into pneumatic boots? Would the occasional/situational utility of a 15% speed boost and a 5% elemental damage boost by switching cylinders offset the loss of RB that you'll rarely use anyway?
For solo queueing, i would recommend stacking end with power mods. For enhancements the reactive enhs look interesting to me, but i still need to test in the PTS if a dps or a tank gear is better. It will require a good balance of tanking and dps stats imo. It is much easier to gear though if you run in a pre-made group.

I would not recommend taking HEGC talents as you will waste points when running IGC. it will still be useful opener for RS in melee range and applying dots to put pressure on healers. Stance dancing is not for us PTs. The run speed in HEGC is overrated and you won't really have heat problems as long as you pick-up flame surge.
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08.15.2013 , 07:04 PM | #22
Quote: Originally Posted by Siphorus View Post
lol this is awful
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