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Commando/Merc spec discussion

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Commando/Merc spec discussion

Organikal's Avatar

02.29.2012 , 08:26 AM | #1
Hey Guys,

I'm a BM and just now (after the grind) trying to maximize my spec. Id like for others to share their specs and tell us why they have chosen their spec and why they have left out some of the more "standard" points.

For me I use and find it to be the best spec for my play style.

Reasons for spec:

I took 2/2 in Tenacious defense because I always play with healers and having the extra peels are far more useful to me than any other 2 point talent that I have left out.

I didn't take quick thinking because I play with healers and rarely need to heal myself. When I do need to heal myself I use my instant cast.

I didn't take Advanced Tech or Soldiers Endurance because they are useless and anyone who uses them needs to do the math and realize the same.

I avoid all alacrity talents and gear because I'm stacking crit/surge and doesn't benefit my play style (nor should it benefit yours with a gunnery spec commando)

The only other oddity in my spec might be 2/3 in curtain of fire and 1/2 in cover fire. I simply Don't feel like maxing either of them is necessary, especially cover fire since in 3 bullets you have a 50% for the slow so unless you are unlucky you will get the slow with the 1 point.

Comments and share you specs please. Please include reasons you use your spec.

Gwal's Avatar

02.29.2012 , 09:08 AM | #2
I don't bother with tenacious instead I have first responder because it's always up. I've also not bothered with accuracy in the assault because my tech and physical both have over 100% through gear. And my full auto is fully buffed because it has the best DPS of all my skills on a debuffed target.

On a side note if you are a gunnery trooper I would suggest getting two bits of Rakatta for the 15% Grav crit rate. I have a 50% crit chance on my gravs currently.