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Who's your fav Companion?

Fylimar's Avatar

05.09.2020 , 05:43 AM | #11
I'm very fond of the jedi knight companions (apart from that soldier). I would never do the Doc romance, because he is just sleazy with his flirts, but apart from that , he also is good fun.

Apart from those bunch, I like Lana Beniko (my favorite same sex romance), Akaavi Spar, Risha, Andronikus, Theron Shan.
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Petnil's Avatar

05.09.2020 , 06:07 AM | #12
Can hardly remember what their personality is anymore. They never speak to me.

For killing imperials i do like 4X-M1 (something like that) Often i just send them on missions and go solo though. In most content i actually prefer to solo, and by solo i mean no companion.

Vinth's Avatar

05.09.2020 , 02:05 PM | #13
Blizz all the way.

Dylinrae's Avatar

05.10.2020 , 01:08 AM | #14
1. Malavai Quinn
2. Talos Drellik
3. Theron Shan
4. Gault
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DrexMallin's Avatar

06.02.2020 , 12:48 PM | #15
I have lots of fav companions. Vette is definitely one of my favorites. I think Lana is the best for Romance. ZO-OM for Healing, Khem or Qyzen for Tank, and probably Xalek or Scourge for damage. For each class:
Light side
Jedi Knight: Kira, hands down
Consular: Either Qyzen or Nadia
Smuggler: Risha or Akaavi
Trooper: Definitely Elara
Dark side
Sith Warrior: Vette or Jaesa
Inquisitor: Khem or Xalek
Bounty Hunter: Torian, Mako or Gault
and Agent: Scorpio or (Y'all probably gonna kill me for this) Kaliyo

Goreshaga's Avatar

06.02.2020 , 02:12 PM | #16
My favourite by far is Theron. He has a well developped backstory, i like his personnality, his look and his voice, and i think he's overall the best romance, and clearly a far better option for a fem JK than Doc.

Kira and Scourge are really good companions for JKs and i'm really happy they both have a part to play in the bigger story for every classes. T7 is very nice, and Doc, hm, he's a somewhat weird case, he can be very annoying yet somehow kinda likeable at times, i'll probably never do the romance, but somehow i was quite happy to see him again. Overall i quite like the JK's crew, except for Rusk who's just kinda there.

Quinn is a complex and interesting character. I just wish my male SW could romance him. I like the SW's crew overall too, except Broonmark and DJaesa who are really too much on the crazy side of things, i like LJaesa better, with neutral/LS SW it's funny to see how our Sith can be a better Jedi master to her than Nomen Karr.

Torian, Jorgan and Vector are really nice companions, and really great romances too. And Jorgan has by far the best reunion.

I also like Senya and Arcann a lot.

Other than that, Vette's funny (too bad she has to die everytime i'm on that KOTET chapter, it would've been better if we had an option to save both her and Torian with enough AA completed), Mako's quite cute, and Akaavi is pretty cool (i like that she's the only BT3 female companion, it's a nice change, and she looks nice too).
I quite like Dorne too, not sure yet how i feel about the romance, i'll have to finish it before judging.

And Lana is a weird case. I go from "i like you" to "i hate you" depending on where the story puts her. I really liked her during SOR as she was an interesting character to interact with, especially on my JK, but too much Lana over other companions i'd have like to see more of during KOFTEET made me start to dislike her. And the sunset walk in the woods made me want to Force-push her, because she's clearly not the one i'd have liked to be there with...
It got a little better in Onslaught, so i hope they continue to handle her like they did there (she really had funny interractions with both Tau and Arn and an interesting discussion with Gnost-Dural), and not KOTFEET / Traitor Arc style. If they do, i may start to like her again, which would be nice.
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Nathan_Hanefort's Avatar

06.02.2020 , 02:39 PM | #17
Vanilla - Kira, Rusk, Elara.
KOT - Senya.

KaraPeters's Avatar

06.02.2020 , 02:41 PM | #18
Theron Shan. He's like a trap I fall into every time, no matter who I planned to stick with instead.
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BelorfinSiana's Avatar

06.02.2020 , 04:09 PM | #19
Kira Carsen, of course.
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Estelindis's Avatar

06.02.2020 , 05:05 PM | #20
It's hard to narrow favorites substantially, because nearly all the companions have great qualities that enrich the stories of which they are part. However, companions for whom have particularly strong affection are Iresso, Jorgan, Theron, Vector, Elara, and Quinn. Bonus points for Kaliyo, who was one of my least favorite companions at launch, but who I now see has a ton of depth and is also hilarious. If you pushed me for an absolute fave, it would still be hard to pick between Iresso, Jorgan, and Theron.
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