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Help needed, please.

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09.06.2013 , 05:48 PM | #1
Ok, so, I've been away for a long time, like over a year. I decided to get back into it, but, with there being a lot of new things in the game, not sure where to go. I have a level 31 Imperial Agent Sniper. I've had my points removed from my skills. Now, not knowing where they were before, since it has been a long time, I need some help in trying to put my skills back together. I no longer know what is good and bad in the skill tree. So, any and all help would be very welcomed.
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09.06.2013 , 07:05 PM | #2
All the trees play fine for leveling, but I'd recommend the following:

Marksmanship is pretty easy to level with especially once you get Followthrough and at least one point in Recoil Control, which you're the perfect level for.

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09.07.2013 , 12:08 PM | #3
At level 31 basically the only question u should have is what way u want things dead

Pew pew(MM tree)

Kaboom-zap-burn(Engi tree)

Dot dot dead(lethality)

At level 31 all 3 are pretty strong, altho I'd say engi has more to gain in later talents. Lethality can be a pain if things die too fast, which yes, it is a problem. MM pretty much has all its talents it needs to be sustainable at this point and is a very reliable spec to level in, and it performs exceptionally well in endgame for the amount of skill it takes, so it wouldn't be bad to learn

Basically at your level you can choose any of the 3 main specs to play and have little problems. So whichever sounds more appealing go for it! My personal choice is engi, because it is fun as hell when you get all of your AOE