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Gear at 55

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09.06.2013 , 12:48 AM | #1
Ok so I have been back a few months now but was lvling up other toons and recently began to work on my Slinger. My issue is for gear...***? lol I don't get any of it now, I have been playing Warzones and getting the Part gear and a few pieces of the higher when I can. I know I will go Professional at the top tier but when I get all my pieces what is this with mods? I am not a hard core gamer I do not have time to spend hours doing math to figure out best of this or that.
So can anyone tell me in layman terms what for 'PvP' are the best modes for your gear and how you get them? or direct me to a post already covering this stuff?
Feeling a bit lost as I was away a bit and seems I came back to a new game. I do have Armstech and have been working on adding augment slots and I run dailies to try and get the armour modes but I guess I'm not sure what ones I should be focused on. I want to be the best support I can be for my team in WZ. Any help I appreciate thanks.

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09.06.2013 , 10:00 PM | #2
I wrote it in a thread below, but:

Field Tech gloves, boots, and hat
Professional pants, chest, MK-2 implants, and weapons
Enforcer ear, bracers, waist

Use further comms to buy extra bracers for the non-A mods. You'll also have to swap at least one of the enhancements (Alacrity hat) to get enough Accuracy.

with a new tier of gear dropping in a month, there's very limit point in buying the higher tier now. Don't spend more comms than you need to to keep yourself from going over the limit.
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09.07.2013 , 08:04 PM | #3
Hmm well I'm still collecting Part gear atm so cool good to know and thank you, it was all the mods that I was having an issue understanding what and how to get.]
So the primary attribute I should be going for is Power?