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Lethality Sniper Help required

Luckygunslinger's Avatar

09.10.2013 , 11:30 AM | #1
Hey there Everyone! I'm hoping you can begin to point me in the right direction for the beginning of my progression in gearing. Now. My Sniper has a bit of kinks to be worked out in his gear, a relic here, a barrel there, but he's mostly (69)'s with 99.97% Accuracy (Insultingly close) :/

To start off. I was wondering, if I could get the following from you
  • Skill Tree
  • An AMR Profile for 69 tier and 72 tier

I have been aiming to get the 4 piece set bonus, purely because of the use of Takedown so much. It would more beneficial to me to use that, rather than the Extra Tick of Orbital Strike you get from the PVP Vendor. I am currently running 169 Crit. Purely because of Lethal Purpose. I'm not sure how much Crit is too much for Lethality, but since I'll be more than likely not be reach full 75's any time soon. A simple number, again, for (69) tier and (72) tier. I'm working on augmenting my gear. I have the augments in my cargo hold, just need the kits!

Currently as it stands the following is my rotation at the start of a fight.

Orbital Strike -> Corrosive Grenade -> Corrosive Dart -> Weakening Blast -> Cull -> Take Down -> Series of Shots -> Rifle Shot (GCD) -> Cull -> Take Down -> Reapply DoT's -> Repeat

I was wondering where I would proceed to put Orbital when it is off Cooldown. I know Lethality is the one that neglects OS the most and do I save Target Acquired's Set Bonus Energy Boost for OS after the channel finishes? I usually wait for Weakening blast to be off CD, Channel OS, Use Target Acquired, Weakening Blast then Cull. Which seems to be working out fairly well for me.

Also, I realize Corrosive Mine is just a bit of added damage, not really made Viable. Do you go out of your way to use it in an Op? Run towards the enemy, roll away then begin to DPS? I'm not sure if the mere damage it deals is worth the actual time wasted heading to the boss.

I read most of the Lethality post found here and took a fair amount of info from it but the 'Full Lethality' start seems to be a bit of a W.I.P.

Anyways. That's all I can really think of at the moment. I hope this isn't too much of a burden for you. Below you'll find an AMR of my current gear (Got rid of the straight up 113+ Power relic for DG BA), A rotation log (This was at 4 in the morning so, it won't be amazing.) and my Skill tree. Thank you for your help.

AMR Profile

Rotation log: 5:23 Long

Skill Tree

5/5 HM Rav - Revanchist - HM ToS 5/5
Rage - Immortal - Guides - Defense - Focus