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Stim Boost needs a Buff

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Stim Boost needs a Buff

kissingaiur's Avatar

07.25.2015 , 04:24 PM | #1
Can we please get interrupt immunity on Stim Boost? It's all cool how you gave us a Proc for a crit heal on our Injection (Underwood Medicine) but verse good players you will never get one off. What about baiting with Kolto Wave/Infusion? It's extremely hard to bait against decent players who don't interrupt Wave or Infusion and top it all off Infusion is on a CD. You could fake cast but if it doesn't work you worst GCDS.

I think it's time to buff Stim boost with a interrupt Immunity. It's on a 2 minute cool down I think developers can give us this one. Also with how many soft interrupts there are in this game such as pull/ knock backs which can still interrupt, it wouldn't be that much to ask :<.
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